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Buff Bites: Pac-12 Media Day Has Finally Arrived

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Colorado_mediumBuffs Football!

Football: CU Buffs' MacIntyre not worried about preseason predictions - Buffzone

"They can pick you first and you can get a big head and get beat. So you've got to handle on both sides of it. We don't dwell on that, but it's also something that we understand our work ethic, our production, the type of people we are, our effort, our practice habits, all of those types of things are what is going to help us overcome."

Why Shane Dillon picked hoops at San Diego over football at Colorado - - Some great detail on why Shane chose to go back and play basketball.

Football: CU Buffs' Dorman hoping to get a shot at starting QB job - Buffzone

Dorman, however, isn't conceding anything. The 6-foot-2, 220-pounder from Somerset, Texas, might be a long shot to win the starting job, but he continues to show up every day with an attitude of getting better. "It's just a fight to go out and prove yourself everyday, and that's for everybody," Dorman said. "If you're the starter, your spot can be taken away just as quickly as the second-string guy or the third-strong guy. Things constantly change and I'm hopeful that I will prove myself to not only the coaches, but to everybody else, too."

Jaguars claim safety Polk

Ray Polk, a rookie free safety from the University of Colorado, signed with the Jaguars on Wednesday, a move that came two days before the Jaguars are scheduled to open 2013 training camp. Polk (6-1, 219) was released on Tuesday by the Seattle Seahawks, where he had signed as a rookie free agent shortly after the 2013 NFL Draft.

Kyle Ringo Blog: CU Buffs AD Rick George will examine all options for future of Showdown - Buffzone - We have a post coming out on Monday that will discuss this issue further.

If I was George, I'd settle for nothing less than playing two games in Boulder for every one played in Fort Collins. The fact is, CU doesn't need CSU as badly as the Rams need to play the Buffs each year. The programs, despite the Buffs' recent struggles on the field and financially, just aren't on the same footing in terms of the fan support they receive and the conferences in which they compete.

Pac-12 watchlist breakdown - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN - Number of players on award watch lists STAN – 12 USC – 12 UO – 9 ASU – 9 UCLA – 8 COLO – 6 OSU – 5 UW – 5 CAL – 3 WSU – 3 UA – 2 UTAH -2

CU Buffs' Rick George will form 'own opinions' - Buffzone

"I think it's important for me to come in there with an open mind on everything and make my own opinions," George said. "I plan to come in there and look at that. Obviously that is another aspect that has to be addressed right away. "I will look at that as well, but I will form my own opinions. Obviously that will be one of the first things I have to do is meet with all of our financial people and talk about where we're at and really understand where we're at and what our opportunities are and figure out where we go from there."

Private donations to CU hit record $258.8 million in fiscal year 2013 - The Denver Post

Of the $128.8 million sent to the University of Colorado Foundation, $54 million was donated to the Anschutz Medical Campus, with another $49.8 million going to CU-Boulder. In addition, the university's Denver campus had its second straight year of record donations, with $15.5 million. Included among the donations were a $10 million gift from furniture magnate Jake Jabs, the money going toward entrepreneurship education at CU Denver. Jabs' gift was the largest in that school's history. Also, an anonymous donor made a $1.5 million estate commitment to endow a chair in East Asian history at CU-Colorado Springs, enabling the campus to recruit its first full-time professor in the field.

2013 Pac-12 Football Schedules: Cal, UCLA Toughest, Arizona & Oregon Easiest - Pacific Takes

10. Colorado Kind of hard to analyze the Buff's schedule accurately, since almost every game for them is a tough game. They dodged one bullet by missing Stanford, but also got a couple of tough draws in missing Washington State and getting Utah on the road what is probably their closest to winnable in-conference game. They have a good draw out of conference though, as they could win any of their games with Fresno State and Central Arkansas coming to town and Colorado State in Denver.

Kyle Ringo Blog: No deadline for CU Buffs to raise $50 million - Buffzone

There are two clauses that require the school to meet deadlines. The first calls for a program plan for a Football/Athletics Operations Center to be submitted to the Board of Regents by Dec. 1 of this year. It simply needs to be submitted by that date and not approved. The second clause requires of the school: "If the award of the design contract has not been made or the design bid build contract has not been executed, depending on he method of project delivery, for the Football/Athletics Operation Center on or before Dec. 1, 2014 no liquidated damages shall be due for termination of the contract from that date forward."

The clauses were put in place when MacIntyre was hired in December to serve as motivation for the school to begin planning for facilities upgrades in and around Folsom Field. If the school does not meet the deadlines, MacIntyre would not have to pay a buyout if he chose to take another job at any point during the life of his contract. So basically, CU has to simply submit some paperwork to the regents by Dec. 1 this year to fulfill the first clause and has to hire an architect by December 2014 to meet the second clause.

Dates for Pac-12 first practices - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN - The Buffs first practice is August 6th. Check out the start dates for the rest of the conference.

NCAA reform looms amid talk of Division IV at conference media days - College Football - Pete Thamel -

At this point, it's easier to predict what won't happen. There is zero momentum to break from the NCAA and start a whole new organization. Whatever changes will be made will likely be under the NCAA's umbrella. There's also little chance for significant change to the NCAA tournament. The one thing the NCAA does well is run championships, and unwinding the $10.8 billion CBS-Turner deal would be thorny. The most likely change will be in the NCAA governance structure, and while that isn't particularly sexy, it's still significant.

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun wants 16-team football playoffs - The Denver Post

"There's clearly a motion. They want to have two different sectors. That's very obvious. Now I do understand when it comes to certain commitment levels, minimum commitment levels, but it's not an American thought, it's really not. It's a closed, inclusive approach, is what it is." Calhoun suggests a 16-team playoff system. "It should be that if you at least have 10 teams and the winners of those 10 conferences get to go and there's six other wild cards," he said. "Everybody's got a chance."

Fresno State Non-Conference Preview: Colorado Buffaloes - Mountain West Connection - The Buffaloes host Fresno State on September 14.

Help CougCenter Make-A-Wish come true - CougCenter - A very, very worthy cause and a fantastic story from our Pac-12 friends over at CougCenter. I urge you to check it out and donate if you can.

Colorado_mediumBuffs Basketball!


Roberson, the second of the Thunder’s two first round draft picks in the 2013 Draft, brought his very friendly and comfortable personality as he took pictures, signed autographs and chatted with firefighters, their wives and kids. Deputy Fire Chief Greg Herbster led Roberson through a tour of the facility, while first responders Nathan Stager and Trent Wood showed him the trucks and equipment. It was evident that the spirits of the entire department were lifted to have a Thunder player come down and personally recognize their efforts.

Men's basketball: CU Buffs staring at tough nonconference schedule - Buffzone

CU recently added the final nonconference game it needed to complete the schedule by agreeing to a home-and-home series with Georgia. The Buffs will host this season's game on a date to be determined. In addition to hosting the Bulldogs, CU will also welcome preseason Final Four favorite Kansas to town, and the Buffs host Harvard, UC-Santa Barbara and Wyoming in other tough nonconference home games.