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Our Fundraising Drive is Completed!

Thanks to everyone who contributed. We have completed our fundraising drive for Ralphie, and donated $1550 to her cause, which will help "cover the care, maintenance and future of the program. Donations will cover items such as feed, veterinary expenses, travel and program costs for the Ralphie Handlers."

Doug Pensinger

This wasn't as difficult as I imagined, or as easy to maintain. We raised our initial goal of $1000 in 3 days and then finished off the rest of the month with another $550. To me, that says we could have done better overall, but I'm extremely pleased to raise the money we did, and I am so, so thankful to all of you who helped our cause. Special thanks to Allbuffs, Buffstampede, the CU Boulder Alumni Association, and the Ralphie program for helping to advertise and donate to our efforts. Our winner has been chosen.

There were challenges. First and foremost - I am a terrible salesman. I never liked selling chocolate bars for little league, and I was uncomfortable continually pushing our effort after we made our goal. I also struggle with my CU to non-CU tweets considering my followers. That was always in my mind. Further, their was a big wildfire in Colorado at the time of our drive. Should we redirect the funds? Direct the funds over a grand to the wildfire relief? What about the 10% budget reduction? Ultimately, I decided that we should stay steady on with our drive. If the Ralphie Fund had to deal with a 10% reduction - well, we just covered half of this ourselves. The wildfire recovery? You are welcome to donate to them as well.

Overall, our goal was threefold. We wanted to raise awareness about the problems for micro donating to the department, that was the initial crux of the article. From there, we added the fundraiser, which proved awkward in that we were soliciting help from the very institution we were criticizing. Finally, it was somewhat of a publicity stunt. We had a fantastic number of page views for an offseason series, which helps bring more eyeballs to the issue. Yeah, we're narcissistic jerks.

But ultimately, we achieved everything we wanted to. And that's thanks to all of you. With that said, the winner of our prize is:


[Update] Anne, reached out to us to claim her prize and we just had to share the picture that she sent us.


Thanks, Phil

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