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Colorado Athletic Director Search Committee Named... Yes, Just Now...

I mean, come on

Doug Pensinger

You know, there isn't a whole lot I want to say about this except that it happened. Just now. Moving at the speed of light here people...

University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano today announced the formation of a search committee to find a new director of intercollegiate athletics.

CU Athletic Director Mike Bohn resigned from the post as AD effective June 3, 2013.

"I am delighted to announce the formation of the committee that will seek new leadership for CU athletics," said DiStefano. "These individuals have graciously agreed to serve on the committee, and each represents a key constituency with a strong stake in the success of our athletic programs. I am grateful for their service."

Members of the search committee include:

- Ceal Barry, CU-Boulder interim director of intercollegiate athletics and chair of the search

- Kelly Fox, CU-Boulder senior vice chancellor and chief financial officer

- Doug Looney, alumni representative, former Sports Illustrated writer

- Joe Jupille, CU-Boulder faculty representative, BFA Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

- David Clough, CU-Boulder Pac-12 faculty representative

- Kurt Gulbrand, CU Foundation

- Brittany Lewis, CU-Boulder student-athlete (track)