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RR Radio: Looking Ahead to 2013-14 Colorado Basketball

Ralphie Report Radio sits down with Ryan Thorburn to discuss the state of the athletic department and look ahead to basketball in 2013.


Season 3 of Ralphie Report Radio is here with a ton of discussion on the state of the athletic department, the search for the next athletic director and a tons of preview coverage on Tad Boyle's Buffaloes.

For season 3 we are going to try and keep the episodes closer to a half hour and we are hoping to bring in some funa and unique guests every week. Since we wanted to talk basketball this week we reached out to the expert, Ryan Thorburn, for some insights on what to expect next year.

Apologies for a few small audio issues. We have a lot of really great guests in mind for the rest of the summer, but we want to hear from you. Who would you like to join us this season?

Season 3 Episode 1:

- Where does the Colorado athletic department go from here?
- 2013-14 Buffaloes basketball

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By Jon Woods