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Mike Bohn Out as Colorado Athletic Director

The news that Bohn has been unceremoniously let go from CU came out of left field.


Well, this is something I didn't expect to have to write today. Originating with Mark Johnson and now being confirmed by multiple sources, Mike Bohn has resigned (been fired) as the University of Colorado athletic director. At this point, Twitter tells the story better than I can.

The man hired Tad Boyle, but he also hired Dan Hawkins and Jon Embree. We don't know how the Mike MacIntyre hire will turn out, but either way it won't help Bohn to keep his job. Lots to discuss in the coming days and more to come...

Update: More from CU

"Mike Bohn led CU-Boulder athletics in a time of great transition and change," said DiStefano. "We are grateful to him for his vision, passion and commitment, and for his key role in revitalizing men's and women's basketball, helping us to join the Pac-12 Conference, and in taking important steps to upgrade athletic facilities at CU-Boulder. We wish him well."

DiStefano said he will in the coming days appoint a search committee to conduct a national search for Bohn's successor.

DiStefano said the university will be seeking "a dynamic leader" as athletic director - someone who, he said, "can focus on our key goals of fundraising, building a dynamic organization, and creating long-term sustainability in the athletics mission."