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Phil Here - How You Guys Doin'?

Introducing the newest contributor- me (Phil)

everyone cheers for Phil
everyone cheers for Phil
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hello to the world of The Ralphie Report! This may seem silly to most of you, since I'm all over this joint all the time, but I'm now an official contributor to this website that you are currently reading. The Ralphie Report- that's the site you're reading. As I mentioned before- Woods has all of the jobs, so he needs some help producing content. I'm here to provide that as best I can.

What can you expect from me? I'll be posting a regular weekly column that's only tangentially related to the CU Buffs. Obviously I love my Buffs, but I also love other things- food... TV... FoodTV... Basically, my weekly column will be about whatever the hell I want. Are there topics you'd like me to discuss? Let me know! I have pieces on deck about Twizzlers, beer, CU sports, not CU sports, movies... you name it. I'm just trying to build the community of CU fans here, whether the subjects relate to CU or not (movies? We got your movies!). A few of you are big fans of aviation. Let's talk about that!

You can also expect regular posts that consist of little other than me bitching about whatever I want to bitch about. These will all be CU related. Think of my fan posts except on the top line. With all that in mind, let's all welcome me into The Ralphie Report Family.

Jon here, this is something that I have wanted Phil to start for a while, discussion about a range of things, CU sports, but also above and beyond. So join in and participate and let us know if you have other suggestions. - JW