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So if you don't know why the unemployment rate is so high, I'm here to answer that for you- it's because Woods has literally all of the jobs. With that in mind, I'm here to alleviate some of the TRR workload by posting some bites! If you don't see an article linked, it's because this is a half assed effort at best, so shut up about it and post it yourself. In the comments!

Buffs Round Out the Coaching Staff, Hire Special Teams Coordinator

So, I thought this was official a while ago and it was just that no one cared, but I guess not. At any rate, here is the final piece of our coaching staff, special teams coordinator Toby Neinas. Now, if that name sounds familiar, then this hire probably gives you the squicks the same way it does me. You see, Toby Neinas is the son of Chuck Neinas, described in the article as a "longtime football power broker." I guess that's one way to describe him. To me, he's more like one of those "political consultants" that seem to pop up every couple of years on a campaign regardless of how many giant failures he's been involved with in the past. Seriously- why anyone gives a damn what Lanny Davis* has to say about anything, ever, is completely lost on me.

Now maybe this is all a big coincidence. Maybe MacIntyre interviewed him and thought he was the best man for the job (regardless of the spotty resume). The bottom line is, Chuck Neinas was responsible for Mike Bohn's hire at San Diego State (where Toby Neinas was then hired as a coach!). Chuck Neinas was responsible for Mike Bohn's hire at CU. Chuck Neinas was responsible for Dan Hawkins' hire at CU. Hell- Chuck Neinas was responsible for Mike Bohn's hire at the College Football Association. Chuck's job is basically doing what should be the responsibility of an athletic director, except Chuck gets large 5 figure "consulting" fees for a few weeks' work. So forgive me if I'm a little cynical.

*fun fact- Lanny Davis is also the father of Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports college basketball superdouche Seth Davis!

Good Piece On the New CU Women's Lacrosse Coaches

As many know, I'm a huge lacrosse fan, so this is nice for me. Now it can be nice for you. One interesting note that I've speculated on, but now it's sort of close to official:

The Buffs will join the four other Pac-12 women's lacrosse programs (Southern Cal, Stanford, Oregon and California) in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, which also includes the University of Denver. The Pac-12 will sanction women's lacrosse once a sixth team is added

This is really nice. I've also mentioned that this is why we won't be adding a men's program (or hockey) any time soon. I'm sure Larry Scott would seriously frown upon adding a program that isn't sanctioned by the Pac 12 while we lack swinning and diving, water polo, men's volleyball... oh yeah- and baseball. More Pac 12 sports= more content for the Pac 12 Network without paying for additional rights fees. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Network buy some MPSF games in anticipation of being a full Pac 12 sport (in fact, I would be surprised if they didn't. Of course, I still won't be able to watch them. Thanks, DirecTV.

Colorado Men's Lacrosse Ranked Fourth

Speaking of lacrosse, your Red Hot Buffs are ranked #4 in the most recent MCLA poll coming off of wins against Boise State and Oregon this weekend. Unfortunately, Colorado State is ranked #1. CSU also won the national championship last year.

Here's A Thing About Paul Richardson

Not much to say here. It's a nice read from a sympathetic source. I would love to see a fully engaged, fully healthy Richardson for a whole season.

BuffstapeTV Episode One

I mean, it's not really on TV, unless you have one of those fancy TV's that can play YouTube. But it's Beau Gamble interviewing Andre Roberson with a water bottle.

BuffstapeTV Episode Two

This time CU takes over the Pac 12 studios, interviewing Spencer Dinwiddie with a completely different water bottle. Someone get that man a mic.

Everyone Go Vote For Spencer

BECAUSE DUUUNNNKKK. I actually thought that volleyball guy was the best, but he doesn't even go to CU, so screw him.

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