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CU Buffs Men's NCAA Postgame Interview

I wrote as fast as I could. Also I missed the first few minutes. If you ever come to the Erwin center, bring a compass.


Tad Boyle delivered his best "Douglas MacArthur" speech, vowing that Colorado "will return" to the tournament. He then told us what we already knew, that the future of CU Men's basketball is a bright one, and that the main ground to gain is during the off-season.

He also dodged some immeasurably bad questions coming from two seats in the field.

No, not from me. I'm smarter than that.

Tad's smarter than that, too; declining to provide a 'win' prediction on next season. Especially, as he noted, that the schedule isn't even complete yet. That said, he spoke like a coach confident in the talent that returns next year, and the new talent incoming.

He then reached through the camera to talk to the team, and delivered a full minute about the importance of effort and sweat during the off-season. I'm not sure if he was talking to anyone in particular, but the tenor he said it in makes me think he's said it before, and he'll be saying it again and again in the coming months.

The takeaways are all things you already knew: CU was young this year, CU did well considering, CU will play in next year's post-season, and I do best when I keep my mouth shut.

Anything else y'all noticed?