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2013 - Colorado Buffaloes Football - A(nother) New Era

It's been a while, but David is back at it, musing about CU football. Here are some of the things we hope to hear more about as spring football continues.

William Mancebo

It seems like it wasn't more than two years ago that we started anew after a coaching staff couldn't quite get things rolling here. We find ourselves in the same unfortunate position now, though the formula for recovery looks a little different.

Spring practices have already begun, but they aren't looking to set a depth chart yet, so there is plenty about this team that we won't know for a while. Still, I'm seeing/hearing things I like already. We've all noted the positive response from the players each time we have a change in strength & conditioning, but for the first time in a couple of staffs, we have a guy with both a proven track record at the college level, AND a real interest in cutting down injuries. That's something this team desperately needs. Keeping guys on the field, whether it's practice, games, or extra offseason work, should make a real difference for the Buffaloes.

And we have some up-and-coming college coaches that I am excited about. Brian Lindgren and Troy Walters are two guys that I think will be hot commodities soon as offensive coaches, and Jim Jeffcoat is a guy that I know is an excellent coach who is going to be able to do some great things with our defensive linemen. I know I'm a bit behind on talking about all of this, but it's been a while since I've posted anything. I'm trying to catch up!

And now, here are the things I'm interested in hearing about from spring practices:

  • There was a quote sometime recently from the coaching staff about wanting a number of the defensive linemen to lose some weight. Now they've put out the first version of the 2013/14 roster, and most of these guys are heavier than they were last season, including the big boys, Solis and Tupou (320 lbs and 330 lbs, respectively). I'm curious as to what direction they actually are going in weight-wise, and where they end up for the season.
  • How healthy or improved some of the guys are looking along the offensive line, including Handler (health) and Nembot, Kelley & Irwin (improvement).
  • Obviously, I'm interested in knowing who the top 3 quarterbacks are coming out of the spring. But all I want to know is which of the older guys is in this grouping. Maybe it's false confidence, but I'm nearly certain Shane Dillon will be 1 of the 3, which means at least one of the trio of starters from last season won't be in the group that could potentially start in 2013. And if a guy like John Schrock makes the cut as well, we may only have one holdover from that group. Hmmm...
  • Speaking of 'Top 3's, I'm interested to hear if there are any changes or developments from our top 3 corners, Henderson, Wright and Crawley. Or at least I assume that they're the top guys still. I'm interested to know how we split up our 5 DBs as a part of this defense, and whether we go with three true corners (those guys), or just two of them and someone from another group as the guy, like Marques Mosley or Parker Orms.
  • All of the young tight ends are heavier according to the roster. I'm quite interested to see how they all fit in the new offense. There are some exciting players in that group.

There's plenty more I'm interested in, but that'll have to suffice for now.

In the meantime, go Buffs basketball teams! Both squads are in the NCAA tourny for the first time since 2003! Huzzah!