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Ralphie Report NCAA Tournament Bracket Pick 'Em

Obviously you have the Buffs winning it all...

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

It's bracket season again and it sure is a lot more fun filling one out when the Buffs are involved. Sign up to play in the Ralphie Report Tournament Challenge and make your selections to try for an opportunity to win a TRR shirt. Whoever is in first place at the end will win.

Sign up here by first tip on Thursday morning.

Password is buffs.

While you are at it, head over and fill out a free bracket in Buff Stampede's pool. The winner gets a free year on, runner-up will get three months free and the third place finisher will be awarded a free month. Yahoo! is also paying $10,000 to the best bracket overall. No reason no to enter with a deal that good.