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Colorado Wins 48-47 Over Oregon, Moves To 5-5 In Pac-12

With the help of Andre Roberson and Spencer Dinwiddie, the Buffaloes won against Oregon on the road and are now 5-5 in the Pac-12

Andre Roberson scored the game winning basket against Oregon tonight and propelled the Buffs to a 48-47 victory
Andre Roberson scored the game winning basket against Oregon tonight and propelled the Buffs to a 48-47 victory
Steve Dykes

For the second straight game on the road, it came down to the final minute for Colorado, but this time the result was different. Andre Roberson made a huge layup with 23 seconds to play to give the Buffaloes their first lead of the game 48-47, and the score never changed from that point on as Colorado was victorious. Despite some very sloppy play from the Buffaloes, they were able to pull out their biggest road victory of the year and are now 5-5 in the Pac-12. Andre Roberson led the way for Colorado as he added 10 points and 13 rebounds and Spencer Dinwiddie was key in the second half scoring all of his 8 points in the final twenty minutes.

Things the Buffaloes did well:

They won the game; they didn't play spectacularly on offense or defense, but they did just enough to win, which is all that matters. Colorado showed some serious resiliency and never wavered in the second half. At times, Oregon looked like they were going to run away with the game as they were up 47-40 with four minutes to play, but it never happened. Andre Roberson failed to box out for most of the first half, but in the second half he was crucial for Colorado as he was consistent on the boards and played great overall defense. Spencer Dinwiddie finally started to attack the rim in the second half and picked up some necessary buckets down the stretch for Colorado.

Off the bench, Xavier Talton and Jeremy Adams both had strong performances. Adams had 5 points and he played decent defense while driving to the hoop on offense. Talton didn't do anything in particular to stand out, but he has certainly improved since the beginning of the year and is proving it with his play on the court. He had some nice passes and was excellent on defense. Defensively, Colorado limited Oregon to 36 percent shooting from the field and 20 percent from three. Down the stretch, the Buffs forced Oregon to take shots with little to no time left on the shot clock. In the first half, Colorado had no energy on defense and couldn't stop E.J. Singler and Carlos Emory, but in the second half they stepped up their play. Singler only had 2 points in the second half and 6 turnovers in the entire game. Overall, it certainly wasn't Colorado's finest performance, but they won and got great play from their two best players, Andre Roberson and Spencer Dinwiddie, when they needed it most.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with:

Askia Booker continues to play horribly on the road. He struggled shooting on the night going 3-13 from the field and only scored 8 points. Booker just keeps shooting and it's starting to hurt Colorado tremendously. It'd be one thing if Booker could provide hustle and defense when he's not playing well offensively, but that's not the case. At this point, playing Sabatino Chen or Xavier Talton ahead of him wouldn't be that bad of an idea. Although Josh Scott has a lot of potential, he has been less than stellar for the past couple of games. He struggled tonight picking up rebounds as he only had 2. The free throw shooting was once again a problem as Colorado shot 6-10 on the night. Luckily, it didn't end up hurting the Buffaloes, but making free throws at the end of games is going to be critical for the Buffs going forward.

Up Next:

Colorado will take on Oregon St. on Sunday night at 7 p.m. The Buffaloes will need to play much better on Sunday to assure themselves of a road sweep of the Oregon schools. Even though Colorado lost to Utah, if they beat the Beavers on Sunday, they'll be 2-1 in their past three games on the road. Given the three opponents, most Colorado fans would have taken that prior to the stretch of games.