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Colorado AD announces facilities plan

Rick George today presented his future plan for the the Colorado Buffaloes

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


Colorado Athletic Director Rick George presented today his vision for the future of the University of Colorado and it's athletics facilities to University regents. The new plan includes renovations to Dal Ward, the addition of a football training facility in the corner of Folsom, an indoor facility where Franklin Field is now, and two practice fields in the rest of the space where Franklin currently sits (not quite sure how that will work).

George included videos of Tad Boyle explaining how the basketball upgrades helped grow the program and current athletes describing how badly they are needed. We all know how woefully far behind Colorado is in the facilities race and it seems as though Rick George is intent on pushing this forward. After the presentation the regents committee voted to move forward and the plan has been passed by the capital construction subcommittee. How's it all going to be paid for? We'll get to that when we get to it, but for now, it's sorely needed and it's time to get moving.

View the plan here. Read the custom timeline (mostly just Ringo) from the bottom up.