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A Message from Paul Richardson

This was sent out to all students

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This was sent from Paul Richardson to all of the Colorado students.

I think this highlights a larger problem, with students who appear to be apathetic at best. I was at the Arizona State game last year, and I ended up sitting in a largely empty student section with a giant dog wandering around who ended up sleeping on my foot. Where are the students? What are they doing that is better than watching their football team playing at Folsom Field? Definitely, good answers exist for these questions, but I want to hear them. This is a problem that infects all of college football. Nick Saban called out Alabama students for not staying until the end of of their game (which was dumb; it was a complete blowout). But we've seen from coast to coast that student attendance is down. Why? College football is awesome. The bottom line is this:

The bottom line is we need you there. You can help us by supporting your team and giving Arizona a proper introduction to how we play football in Boulder.  If you guys are there having a good time, you can believe we are having a good time playing and representing our University. You are all very crucial to our success on the field and can be a helpful factor in the outcome of the game.

And this presents a larger problem going forward. Students who can't be bothered to walk over from their dorm won't be alumni who come back for homecoming or donate when they get a career. So step up Buffs- you've been called out.