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PAC-12 Media Day: The Recap

In case you missed it, or just want to relive the glory of watching two guys sit on a stage and answer mundane questions, here is the Colorado portion of media day today.

very natural looking
very natural looking
Ezra Shaw

To be honest, these kinds of things feel a bit dull to me. For the most part the answers are all very measured, and the questions pretty standard. Everyone is excited for the season, all the teams are talented, and any team can beat any other. I think I got more from Adam Munsterteiger's interview with Xavier Johnson on Buffstampede.

The only particularly eye opening answer came when Spencer answered a question about Arizona being the top dog and the next group of teams clumped together. Spencer being Spencer answered that CU is the cream of the crop, and everyone else is fighting for second place. I'm guessing that will end up on a few bulletin boards, not that Spencer will give it much mind.

I was kind of surprised that no one brought up the difficult non-conference schedule, although Boyle addressed it on his own. Also note the spiffy new uniforms- the letters and numbers are white, not gold like they look in the Instagram photos.

Did anything stand out to you? Let us know, in the comments!