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TRR Saturday Selections: This Is Probably Terrible Advice

Nonetheless, here are my gambling picks for the week. Woods used to use things like where the money flowed and other math; but math is for nerds, so we'll have none of that.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As referenced by the title- you should definitely not take this advice, but sucks for you, here it is:

Oklahoma +14 vs. Texas. Woods got a ticket at face value from OU. Texas couldn't manage to even sell out their student tickets. This has been a blowout recently, and although I expect it to be closer, I don't think it will be within 2 touchdowns.

Georgia -8 vs. Missouri. I don't think Missouri is all that good. Shut up with all your facts. Georgia is at home and I believe will serve Missouri.

TCU -24.5 vs Kansas. Yes, Kansas has been horrible, but the TCU offense has been mediocre, so I struggle to see how they cover that spread.

Northwestern +10 @ Wisconsin. Look, I like Bucky as much as the next nonpartisan observer, but 10 points? Against Northwestern? Northwestern is a very strong team this year behind Cherry Creek Grad Kain Colter and some other guys. Ohio State only won by 10.

Stanford -9 @ Utah. Stanford is getting throttled up. They are much, much better than Utah. Even at Utah.

BONUS: There isn't a line for Baylor/ Kansas State, but take Baylor (I've seen lines around 17.5). And the over. Baylor has covered the over in 23 of the last 29 games. They will cover the spread as well.

What games do you like? Mention them, in the comments!