Phil's Bites!

This is my version of Buff Bites. Since I'm not Ash, I decided to get super creative with the title. My other option was Buff Phil, and that's just stupid. Anyway- here are some things.

CU At The Game has some really great interviews with players and parents about the recruiting process. The latest is with Shane Dillon. Shane comes off as really level headed and confident, and seems to enjoy being a part of CU as a whole, not just for football. Although that might seem obvious based on where we are as a football program, it still makes me happy. When I read about things like fancy player lounges with roof top decks and pool tables et cetera (Oregon), it kind of makes me cringe. College is great, and being a part of a community like Boulder is great. We shouldn't need or want to put our athletes in a bubble and not have them enjoy everything that Boulder has to offer. 2 other comments caught my eye, whether important or not:

What is your relationship with the other quarterbacks? Is it difficult to be friends and competitors at the same time?

We all love each other a lot. But, at the end of the day only one of us is going to be under center. Schrock and I are very close, and he took me in during fall camp and helped me through a lot of things that were new to me in college. Jordan and Nick are also two of my close friends;

Notice anyone missing? Stevie Joe Dorman. How did he become a nonentity so quickly? He's just never in the conversation.

What has been your contact with coach MacIntyre? What impressions have you taken away from your meeting(s)?

It was great to see someone stand up there and tell us that we can do it NOW and not when we all “grow up”.

That strikes hard, because Embree did that a LOT. "Player X will be great in three years... blah blah blah." Whatever, go read all of the interviews, they're fantastic, and you're a jerk if you don't.

Also, we got a new commitment, from Mullen (CO) defensive end Timothy Coleman. Based on his offers, it looks like a little bit of a reach, but he went to Mullen so all of you can suck it because he's obviously awesome.

There! I did a post!

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