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Buffaloes Open Season 0-2: How To Begin To Cope

Our Colorado Buffaloes football team have opened the season in dismal fashion. Here are some strategies to try to start coping.

So... ...that sucked. Opening 0-2 in the way we did requires drastic counter-measures on our part. I'm not talking about a letter writing campaign, I mean things we need to do to ensure we can still enjoy the not-yet-begun Autumn.

1) GTFO - Go and enjoy the outdoors

go out and enjoy your local mountain/lake/swampland

It's nice weather everywhere today. You know how I know? Because it's nice* here in Houston; and when that's true, then by extension it must be nice weather everywhere else in the United States. So go and enjoy it.

*For this usage, 'Nice' means not 400°F

Just be sure to open the Ralphie Report on your phone when you do...

2) Laugh at other's failure...

You can start here with an old favorite:

continue with a new favorite:

and then maybe try something more exotic: barbeque pork sandwich anyone?

If you're anywhere near Arkansas, just remember that Razorback tears taste like bacon.

And then take note that all of the following ranked, favored teams lost this weekend to unranked teams:

#8 Arkansas, #13 Wisconsin, #16 Nebraska, #18 Oklahoma St.

You may also enjoy knowing that Mizzou lost in "style"


3) Laugh at other's abject ridiculousness

Starting with an angry oompa-loompa


Seriously, the guy isn't 5' tall. Go get a tape measure and put a pencil mark on the wall at 4' 10" in view of your screen. Now rewatch that gif and see that tantrum being thrown into a new light.

Now know that no matter how many games we lose that we are better than this silliness:

That's a sideways video of A&M's head coach arriving at a high school in a pint-sized helicopter. A&M also lost this weekend.

4) Combine Beer and Science


Find the brewery nearest to you, and then combine their delicious line of products with science.

May I recommend the impact project which lets you simulate a meteor striking the earth? Perhaps a more familiar physics engine is in order...

5) Focus on the positives

The Buffs will be good again, eventually. It may be earlier than you think, but until then, enjoy the two-time SBNation Champion GIF:


"OM... OM... CHOMP" ...Splat!