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Would You Like To See Midnight Madness At Colorado?

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Our friends over at AllBuffs have started the rally cry to try and mount support for the Buffaloes to host a Midnight Madness basketball celebration to honor last year's achievements and kick-off the new season the night after the Arizona State football game.

Take a look at their note below and let's help get the ball rolling on this!

Do you want CU to have Midnight Madness?

Do you think that there's a perfect opportunity to do it the day after the Arizona State blackout football game (Friday, October 12th)?

Do you want to do your part to help make it happen?

There's been a lot of discussion lately on what we as fans could do to let CU know that we'd like to have a Midnight Madness celebration to start basketball season off in style. A lot of people have been tweeting #CUMarchMadness on twitter to try to draw attention. There's been talk of phone calls and other plans. However, I think the best thing that you can do is to email Matt Biggers (our new CMO) and Mike Bohn on this. BE RESPECTFUL. BE SMART. In other words, don't be a dumbass. Just tell them that you'd really like for CU to have Midnight Madness and that you guarantee that you would be there to support the team that night.

Honestly, the odds are not good on this one. Tad has mentioned that he doesn't want to do it unless the Keg is full. I'm not sure we're there yet. But we need to let CU know that there is a demand for this.

Spread the word on this. The more people that email, the better odds we have.