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Weekly TRR Discussion - How Badly Must The Buffaloes Beat The Hornets?

Is ten touchdowns enough?  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Is ten touchdowns enough? (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Weekly Ralphie Report Roundtable asks the difficult questions of the blog that you can add your clever answers in the comment section. The format of the discussion evolves, but the premise is the same: Go Buffs!

Please feel free to share your own answers in the comments...

1. Which Buffaloes defensive player had their best game last week?

David: I'm going to say Kenneth Crawley because in his first game in College as a True Freshman, he played in every single snap (plus Special Teams snap), racked up nearly as many Punt Return yards as we had all season, played the run pretty fearlessly, and looked like a guy we can depend on out there. That's a lot to ask of a True Freshman from day one, and count me impressed. I'm not saying he can't and doesn't need to improve. But that was a heckuva start.

Parker: Kenneth Crawley. It was his first game, but it was a great performance. 10 tackles from the corner spot is very impressive for any player's first college football game.

Denny: I think Pericak really came to play last weekend. He put up something like 10 tackles, which you don't often see from a guy taking on so many blockers. His job really is to take on the blockers and open the lanes for the LB's to come up and make the play. They were throwing double teams at him all game and he still managed to put up some impressive numbers. I really hope he can stay fired up. It has got to be tough to be playing in your final season and to post a loss against CSU.

Jon: I have not been able to watch the game all the way through again yet, but it seemed to me that Derrick Webb was all over the field.

Ash: I think that LB Derrick Webb had his best game last week, and I'll qualify that statement. Actually, Brian Cabral will. He said it was, "his best game as a Buff", and I agree: 9 solo tackles, 4 additional, and a sack. But let's flip those numbers around on Saturday. I'm rooting for 9 sacks for Webb. ...Derrick Webb, that is. Not Jordan Webb...Jesus.

After the jump, Jordan Webb and Derrick Webb play for the same football team. But one day they decide to trade jerseys!
...and they're about to find out ...that filling someone else's shoes... isn't as easy as it looks.

2. What's the best beer you've had in the last month?

David: Best beer overall is Newcastle Brown Ale because I love it. Best new beer was Key West Sunset Ale. I wanted to try something vaguely local last time I was visiting my parents in Florida, and it did the trick!

Parker: Taking into account that I'm a college student, I'm going to have to go with Natural Light.

Denny: Funny you ask. So I live in Rhode Island now, where New Belgium does not distribute. I had to drive out here from Colorado so I packed my car with as much Fat Tire as I could fit. That was 2 months ago, I have a pretty big trunk. I know this is probably pretty boring for all of you who are lucky enough to be where New Belgium distributes but I just love Fat Tire so much.

Jon: Steam Engine from Steamworks Brewing out of Durango

Ash: Like with seafood and internet memes, it's hard to beat fresh. I was in Boston a couple weeks ago and had a Boston Ale (not the Lager) inside the Sam Adams brewery; it was fresh, it was straight from the tap, was delicious.

3. Michigan's loss knocked them right out of the Top-10; which other team(s) doesn't belong in the AP top-10 top-T9?

David: Florida State, at least for now.

Parker: South Carolina. They barely a beat a mediocre (at best) Vanderbilt team and they needed a no-call on a clear pass-interference penalty to win the game. Steve Spurrier has his work cut out for him.

Denny: GOODNESS, I just looked at the AP Top-10 and I thought I was looking at the SEC Member List. 6 of the 14 SEC Schools are in the Top-10. None really stand out to me as not belonging there. At this point in the season it is pretty tough to rank these teams because, largely, they are all playing inferior competition. I don't think you can really start to differentiate 1-10 until a few weeks into conference. So if I had to answer this question I would say Alabama doesn't belong. GASP!!! Let me tell you why, it is simple. Our last bowl game we played 'Bama to the end, and I refuse to believe that they have gotten so freaking good and we have, well, not. How is that for rational?

Jon: Florida State! Seriously, this happens every single year and it makes no sense. Why on earth do the Seminoles deserve to be a top 10 team? They don't, they come back down to earth every single year to a marginal ACC squad. Here we go again.

Ash: I agree with Parker: the T-9 South Carolina has no business being ranked that high. By all rights they should've lost to those poor Commodores (their computers must be really slow), but no matter; the other USC will fall down against ECU this week. They can't pass-interference their way through two games... can they?

4. Pick the final scores! (There are literally no Nationally interesting games this week. None.)

Washington (1-0) @ #3 LSU (1-0)
#16 Nebraska (1-0) @ UCLA (1-0)
#24 Florida (1-0) @ Texas A&M (1-0)
Fresno St. (1-0) @ #4 Oregon (1-0)
#18 Oklahoma St (1-0) @ Arizona (1-0)

LSU 41 - UW - 17
NU 37 - UCLA 26
TAMU 24 - UF 23
UO 67 - FSU 33
OSU 55 - UA 13

LSU 45 Washington 10
Nebraska 28 UCLA 17
Florida 35 Texas A&M 14
Oregon 55 Fresno St. 21
Oklahoma St. 42 Arizona 17

LSU wins 42-21
UCLA 28-24 Can't pick Nebraska ever. It's against my religion.
Florida wins 17-14
Oregon ROLLS 63-14
Okie State 35-28

Washington 14 - LSU 38

Nebraska 27 - UCLA 20
Florida 17 - Texas A&M 13
Fresno St. 20 - Oregon 42
Oklahoma St. 24 - Arizona 21

Washington 42 - LSU 40
Nebraska 21 - UCLA 26
Florida 16 - A&M 19
Fresno St 24 - Oregon 56
The ONLY OSU 31 - Arizona 27

5. By what margin should Colorado beat Sacramento State for the win to be considered 'respectable'?

David: If we aren't up by at least 25 points at halftime and at least 35 points by the end of the game, I will not feel a little bit better about the CSU debacle.

Parker: It has to be somewhere around 21-24 points and the game needs to be over in the first half.

Denny: We have to beat these guys handily enough to see at least a quarter from our backup QB. I really want to see what it is that the coaches DIDN'T see in Connor Wood. I just still struggle with having to take the staffs word that Webb is that much better than Wood. We didn't get to see him at all with practices being closed. We know nothing as to how this kid plays the game. I want to see him. So whatever margin we need to get him some reps is what I see as respectable.

Jon: 20. It better be 20 damn points.

Ash: My answer's the same, but in different units. I want the yardage differential to be at least 150 yards in favor of the Buffs' Offense. I was going to say 200 yards, but then I realized that would be asking too much...

Actually? To hell with it: I want Colorado's offense to gain 200 more yards than SacState's offense. I want to see a definable separation between our team and theirs, and for SacState to be utterly unable to keep up with the Buffs. Almost like their team is in a totally different league than ours. Because they are.

What do YOU think?