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Wednesday Poll: What's Your Favorite Folsom Field Atmosphere?

This week is Colorado's home opener against Sacramento State, and the Ralphie Report wants to know what YOU think! It's time for the weekly poll.

I'm hoping that everyone reading the Ralphie Report has attended a game at Folsom Field. In the student section, from the pressbox, the stadium and the environ is gorgeous from any angle. If you haven't had the chance to attend a Colorado home game since 1924, then you really should. Maybe we can set up a charity or a kickstarter to make it happen, because it needs to.

That said; in 5 Autumns at CU I saw many different variations of Folsom; a cool crisp morning, the golden afternoon light, and once (just once!) giant piles of snow. So what's your favorite Folsom environment?

Fun fact; Colorado's stadium is the 18th oldest stadium in Division I-A and fourth oldest in the Pac-12. Can you guess which three Pac-12 stadiums are older?