Tre'Shaun Lexing- Newest Men's Basketball Commit

So here's Tre Lexing:'shaun-Lexing-130589

Our newest, and final basketball recruit. From Evan Daniels with Scout

“Tre’Shaun Lexing was quite impressive today. Athletic wing with plenty of raw ability. Made mid-range shots too.”

From ESPN (free):

Lexing is a rangy left-hander who can stroke jump shots as well as take defenders off the bounce. He has a budding triple threat game and a terrific 1st step while attacking off the dribble. He is one of the few players at his age that possesses an affective ...


6’6″, 180 pound Lincoln High standout (Tacoma, Washington) was named to the Tacoma News Tribune’s 2nd All-State Team last season. Tre’Shaun Lexing is a great scorer with solid athleticism, and he is a versatile player who can fill up the stat sheet and feasibly play at other positions. CU is getting a small forward with an excellent mid-range game and a solid outside jumper. Lexing also possesses a quick first-step, which makes him a dangerous scoring option.

The bottom line is that Tad Boyle loves versatile, multifaceted players. And that's what he gets (also wings who wear #11- Lexing, Jenkins, and Johnson all wore 11 in high school. Fun Fact) From Hoopniks:

I haven't seen Dustin Thomas but I love the multi-talent and versatility that Jaron Hopkins and Tre Lexing give Colorado in its '13 class.

Boyle is building a great lineup. But it's weird. Basically we've got Scott, SH-T, and Mills in the post, Stalzer and Talton at the point, and everyone else who can play multiple positions. Hopkins is a combo guard, Lexing is a wing, and Thomas is a combo forward. So there are options there. But I have no idea where the scholarships come from. Best guess is Animal Style goes pro and Mills "decides" to move on. I still want someone who can just drill it from 3.

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