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Colorado Buffaloes Vs. UCLA Bruins: Quick Hits

The Colorado Buffaloes were outmatched against the UCLA Bruins, but the game was kind of close there for a while. What happened? And what do the fans want from this Colorado Buffaloes team?

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

This game was tough to watch, because from the get-go, it felt like the Buffs were at best only going to be able to keep it close. Nothing we did out there gave me the feeling that we would have a chance to win, but I was feeling good about a solid effort in a not-so-embarrassing loss. Then, the wheels came off.

Vincent Hobbs will get more blame for this than he probably should as a true freshman, but his fumble in the 3rd quarter was the turning point in this game. He made a good catch and our offense was finally driving, but the fumble ended all hope for the Buffs. I remember saying that the game was over at that point to the person I was watching with. She wasn't sure, but that clearly took the small amount of wind out of Colorado's sails.

Follow the jump (if there is one...) to see the scandalous sculpture Ray Polk made in his studio art class!

We weren't playing all that well on offense up to that point, but all of a sudden guys were playing with some Confidence. And the Defense was up and down, but still was making the occasional big play. Kirk Poston made a nice move on that early sack, which was good to see. But the tackling in this game was bad by our Defense. Kenneth Crawley made some nice tackles, but also made some mistakes, and Paul Vigo had one truly bad missed tackle. You never stop moving your feet, which Vigo did, and he allowed an easy TD to the Bruins.

Still, we're making so many friggin' mistakes. Will Oliver kicked a ball out of bounds, because apparently he was feeling nostalgic for the 2011 season, where our kickers made a habit of doing that. Not good.

I don't know what to say about the offense. Our offensive line is not very well coached. They continue to make the same mistakes and they're soft. The play that stuck out most to me today was the sack that Ryan Dannewitz gave up. He barely made contact with the defender before the guy was by him. They continue to be physically overmatched each week, and they don't do a good enough job of playing together to make up for that fact. Even if 4 guys are doing their jobs, that fifth guy will make an egregious error and the group effort is all for nothing.

And while our running backs found a few holes, more often than not, they had next-to-nothing to work with out there. And losing Christian Powell fairly early (or at least it seemed early) definitely didn't help things.

Okay, I'm over the Jordan Webb experiment. Sure, he's the most experienced QB we have and he makes the best decisions and whatever... I no longer care. It's not going to do anything for us to keep him in there. Like the rest of our offense, it's one step forward, and then two steps back. He wasn't making good decisions down the stretch tonight. Just let someone else take the helm. Maybe they do a worse job, but there's a chance they don't, and that might give us some hope.

And really, that's all the fans want at this point. Hope. Wouldn't it be nice to have that again? Remember what it felt like right after the Washington State game and during that 4th quarter run?