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Colorado Buffaloes To Release Video Team Viewed Prior To WSU

Colorado is releasing the much talked about motivational video featuring Chad Brown, Alfred Williams, Charles Johnson and more.

James Snook-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We've heard a lot this week about the inspirational video that the Buffaloes were shown last Friday night at their team hotel in Spokane. Colorado Director of Sports Video Jamie Guy put the video together with his assistent John Snelson in just two days after coming up with the idea to have former Buffs talk about the program they once played for and what it meant to them.

Many Colorado players talked about the effect the video had on the team.

"I kind of grew up watching CU football and seeing all those guys that were in the video, it gives you shivers a little bit," said senior defensive end Will Pericak. "Seeing Chad Brown in there and all these other guys ... knowing that they've got your back is good to know."

I've been hoping that we would get a chance to see the video ever since I heard about it's existence and thank to a tweet from the video department it seems we will soon be given that opportunity.

Come back around 8 p.m. to take a look.