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Thursday CU Buff Bites - Eric Bieniemy Is Yelling At You With His Mind

As the Buffaloes prepare for UCLA and College Football rolls on, Buff Bites have you covered with news, links, and Tobasco sauce.

William Mancebo - Getty Images

Colorado_mediumFootball: Eric Bieniemy's presence motivated CU Buffs - Buffzone

Eric Bieniemy has lost his voice. You have to really lean in and listen closely to what the Colorado offensive coordinator is saying to hear the message. The question the running backs can't figure out is: How is Bieniemy still able to scream at them?

"That's a good one to start it off," Tony Jones said with a laugh. "I don't know." Moving down from the press box helps. Bieniemy's presence on the sideline improved the Buffs' communication and demeanor during last Saturday's 35-34 victory at Washington State. "It's what we expected, just all that energy and emotion,"Christian Powell said.

"He brought it, and the players definitely felt it."

Colorado_mediumJon Embree Press Conference Quotes - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

On UCLA's Talent
"UCLA has some good talent, they really do. I think it is funny; the first question was about their running game, but to me when you talk about UCLA, you have to talk about their defense. What they have done from a defensive standpoint, [I] worked with [defensive coordinator] Lou Spanos at Washington (NFL), Lou has done a great job of installing a 3-4 there... They have done a good job of taking some of their talent at other positions and moving them, like Anthony Barr was a tailback, real talented kid, and now they moved him to outside linebacker, and I believe he might be leading them in sacks, and it looks that way when you are watching tape. As an outside linebacker, Datone Jones, and Cassius Marsh up front, with other guys they rotate in and do a very good job. They are very solid up front, the seven and the back end you have to start with [Tevin] McDonald, he is the kind of guy that gets it all going back there at safety. UCLA, it's about their defense, their defense creates a lot of opportunities for their offense. So our offense has to do a good job of converting third downs and when we get opportunities to get points, you are getting touchdowns not field goals."

On Tony Jones And CU's Running Game
"It's good to have Tony [Jones] back. He got hurt early in CSU, so he is still not 100 percent back but he is close. It's funny, we were walking up the hill yesterday after practice and I said, 'Well at least you made me look good because everyone is always asking me what is the difference between you and Rodney Steward and I said, 'well you had that long speed, you could hit that home run,' so I am glad you didn't get caught on that.' He adds another dimension to us, he can get on the edge and if he gets a crease, he is the guy that has the ability to go the distance. It is great having him back, he is a good complement with Christian [Powell]. Josh Ford got some carries in there, at least one carry, and he did something with his. It's a little bit of running back by committee right now, but they all bring a different skill set in. The main thing is they are all physical runners and I think [offensive coordinator and running backs coach] Eric [Bieniemy] has done a good job in that room, they pull for each other. They add a different element when each guy is in the game, it is good to have fresh legs in there when you are running the football like we are trying to get done."

On Believing In QB Jordan Webb
"I don't know if he had to lead us to a win to get that, but I think that just adds to his package. He has that swagger about him in practice, he had that in training camp whether we were doing a two minute drill, a third down drill, whatever it was, he had that swagger and carried himself in that manner. It's great for him to get that and get the award (Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week because he took a couple shots in that game and for him to bounce back and really only miss one play because of some of the hits he was taking. That talks about his toughness but more his attitude about being out there and wanting to lead the team to victory."

Colorado_mediumColorado brings home hope to face UCLA - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

"When they mounted that comeback in the fourth quarter, you could just see their confidence in what they were doing growing," UCLA coach Jim Mora said. "They showed a ton of heart. They showed great character. I think that's hard to do coming off three loses. I think that's a real credit to their coaches and their older players."

"It's hard to keep believing," Webb said, "but, honestly, all of us really did."

Colorado_mediumReaction Time: Finally, Florida State packs a vintage punch - Sunday Morning Quarterback

That's right: Colorado, last seen being [redacted], actually won a game Saturday. Not only that, it won a game on the road. Not only that, it won a game in which it trailed by 17 points with a hair over seven minutes to play in the fourth quarter.

From that point, the Buffaloes a) Connected on a 70-yard touchdown pass from Jordan Webb to Nick Kasa, b) Broke an 84-yard touchdown run by Tony Jones; c) Drove 70 yards in three minutes for the winning touchdown run by Webb with nine seconds on the clock; and d) Instantly reversed the program's trajectory from one of doom and despair to one of renewal and hope. Well, maybe we'll hold off on d) for now. But there's no denying this: The Colorado Buffaloes are in first place.

The Numerical, Week 4: 3 acts, 2 QBs and 1 wizard -

1,109. Combined total yardage from Baylor's 47-42 win over Louisiana-Monroe on Friday night. It was everything we could have hoped for (more, actually: we didn't know a two-quarterback formation was on the way). Both teams gained more than the combined total of the Boise State-BYU game the night before. By the way, Baylor plays West Virginia this coming weekend. Baylor plays West Virginia this coming weekend!

Hogs Discover Even Colder Depths, Rutgers Prevails -

Somehow, for Razorbacks fans, it gets worse, and Rutgers is now an impressive 3-0 with a SEC West road win.

Florida State, Kansas State among BCS favorites after Week 4 - Stewart Mandel -

Kudos to the resilient Colorado Buffaloes (1-3), which rebounded from embarrassing losses to Sacramento State and Fresno State by rallying from a 31-14 fourth-quarter deficit to win their Pac-12 opener, 35-34, at Washington State (2-2). "I don't get it," Wazzu cornerback Daniel Simmons told the Seattle Times. "In my opinion, we lost to a team we're far better than." Easy there, Cougs. You don't get to start trash talking until Mike Leach wins his first Pac-12 game.

Colorado_pac-12Oregon State Stuffs UCLA, Now Boasts Pac-12's Best Resume -

And remember: the Beavers would be 3-0 with two wins over ranked teams if they hadn't had to postpone their opener against Nicholls State.

Colorado_pac-12WSU’s Collapse against CU | Best Coast Football

With a little over eight minutes left in the 4th quarter of Saturday’s game against Colorado, Mike Leach turned down a 36-yard field goal attempt and went for it on 4th and 3. Sophomore quarterback, Connor Halliday, threw an interception to CU linebacker, Jon Major, and WSU’s demise began. With 8:07 left in the game CU was down 31-14. WSU had enjoyed a comfortable lead the entire game. The first step in the comeback was a 70 yd strike from CU’s Jordan Webb to tight end, Nick Kasa. CU came out with 10 personnel (1 TE, 0 RB’s) in an empty trey right set and WSU was in a Cover-2 shell with 6 men underneath in zone coverage. This was a nice play design by OC Eric Bienemy...

Colorado_mediumJordan Webb was Colorado’s hero, but he nearly fumbled on the goal line | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports - Whoa, I had not seen this...Yikes.

Colorado_mediumUpland's Christian Powell carrying more responsibility at Colorado -

Powell, a 6-foot, 235-pound freshman from Upland, went from being a guy who could block out the sun to one who runs to daylight. He was moved to tailback two weeks ago and hasn't looked back. "It just happened," Powell said. "I'm just going with it." "This is not a back you're just going to knock down," UCLA Coach Jim Mora said. "You're going to have to gang tackle him."

Colorado_mediumFootball: CU Buffs' Jon Embree touts Will Pericak's skills - Buffzone

"Will Pericak has had a heck of a year so far. Will Pericak has done a lot of really good things," Embree said at his Tuesday press conference. "He's a guy that's going to play on Sunday."

"I've got to have a good season and that's really all I'm focused on," Pericak said when asked about Embree's NFL projection. "I'm focused on having the time of my life playing college football. ... Doing that is going to create the best opportunity to play at the next level. Whatever happens, happens."

Pericak will be grilled by scouts about being a Type 1 Diabetic and how that impacts his football life. It's an issue the fifth-year senior is happy to talk about publicly if it can serve as motivation for young people with the disease. "It's definitely a curve ball you're not expecting," said Pericak, who was diagnosed at age 15 when he was a freshman at BHS.

"It has forced me to kind of watch what I do eat and know what I eat. And also the differences in how exercise affects blood sugar and how to stay on top of that and in control. ... "Football has kept me in shape and to be as healthy as I can. It's an extra step I've gotten used to."

If Will Pericak can beat diabeetus, then Colorado can beat UCLA. Go Buffs!