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Inside The Drive: CougCenter Looks At Jordan Webb's Game-Winning Drive Over WSU

A play-by-play look at the Colorado Buffaloes winning drive over the Washington State Cougars

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We certainly know more than most schools about how hard it can be to go in-depth with analysis and opinion after an embarrassing loss, especially with the Buffaloes performance over the first three games of the 2012 seasons. Our friends over at Coug Center are now in a similar position trying to break down what happened in the 35-34 loss to the Buffs.

Brian Anderson, apparently a masochist, has taken up the task of breaking down Colorado's winning drive and the end result is a fantastic look at what, over time, could become one of the best drives in CU history. Play-by-by with animated gif's and graphics to boot, it's a must-read for any Buffaloes fans.


2nd and 10, WSU 20, right hash

Time: 2:08
Formation: 11 personnel, Trips left
Defense: 4-3, Tampa 2
Result: Counter rush right for 9yd gain

Play: Long lines up in between TE and OT, and rips inside. The right G and TE down block (left) while the C and OT pull as lead blockers. The OT takes on Simmons at corner, driving him out of the play. The C throws a nasty (legal) cut block at Su'a. Ione Gauta at NT gets pushed by the G on the down block, which Gauta tried to steer toward the run but was moved out of position. Oertel takes his centerfield drop for the Tampa 2 coverage and CU runs a bubble screen look with trips receivers up top. The LG leaves the double team on the DT and sprints at Oertel, diving at his knees and keeping him from filling the gap. Deone Bucannon fills from the safety position to make the tackle.




Check out the whole drive over at Coug Center.