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Wednesday Poll: Where Should The Buffs Wear Pink Against UCLA?

The Weekly Wednesday Poll wants to know what you think! Colorado's home game against UCLA marks the Buffaloes' Breast Cancer Awareness game this season. Where do YOU think the Buffs should wear pink?

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

Jon Embree Press Conference Quotes - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

"This is the breast cancer awareness game for us, so we will have some pink on. I am sure a lot of people can say; it's hit a few people close to us, our program, our players. So we want to do what we can with the awareness, so that will take place this Saturday. Wear your black and your pink.

I'm just excited for the players, they did a great job last week of responding to what we were asking them to do as a coaching staff, and focusing on the things we wanted them to focus on. That was a big bounce back to go in there and win that game and to win it in that fashion. It is a great reward for these kids; they have been working hard, you have heard me talk about how hard they have been working, all offseason, all season, all summer, and all through camp. So for them to finally get a win, and a reward and to do it like that and to do it on the road says a lot about these kids and where their mindset is.

Whatever part of the uniform is made pink, let's root for Colorado to beat UCLA and wear our Black and Pink. Go Buffs!