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Colorado Buffaloes Opponent Recap: Week 4

Your Colorado Buffaloes are undefeated in conference...
Your Colorado Buffaloes are undefeated in conference...

I have to say, 1-3 never felt so good.
  • Colorado State Rams (1-3)
    • The Rams forced some turnovers, but they allowed USU's Kerwynn Williams to rush for 205 yards and got behind 17-0 quickly. They ended up losing 31-19 to the Aggies, who will be joining them in the MWC soon. Next up is Air Force, another Colorado team that has been struggling this year. A down year for football in the state for sure.
  • Sacramento State Hornets (2-2)
    • The Hornets accumulated more yards, but they were thoroughly beaten by the University of North Dakota 35-13. They start conference play against Idaho State.
  • Fresno State Bulldogs (2-2)
    • They went up on Tulsa 20-7 in the first quarter, but they couldn't hold on and lost 27-26. The FSU offense was pretty average (how did we give up that many points to them?!?), as their defense forced a bunch of turnovers for scores to keep them in the game. San Diego State is next up for the Bulldogs.
  • Washington State Cougars (2-2, 0-1 Pac 12)
    • They aren't great, but it's because they still haven't fully grasped Mike Leach's offense. When they do that, those QBs and WRs they have will be very dangerous. They have big bad Oregon next.
  • UCLA Bruins (3-1, 0-1 Pac 12) #19 AP
    • No idea what to think about these Bruins, because we still don't know enough about the Beavers, who beat them 27-20 today. However good UCLA is, I think they'll come to Boulder angry next week, which will definitely be a factor.
  • Arizona State Sun Devils (3-1, 1-0 Pac 12)
    • They whupped up on Utah 37-7, looked very good on offense and had an easy time. The Sun Devils young QB is looking like he's going to be a star and the defense is playing as well as any in the conference. We'll see if they can stay consistent, and if they can, that Thursday night game looks scary. Next up are the Cal Bears for ASU.
  • USC Trojans (3-1, 1-1 Pac 12) #13 AP
    • The Trojans had a pretty easy time with Cal in their 27-9 victory, with a very strong defensive effort, especially up front. They still are teetering on the edge of having enough quality players, but the guys they do have are just awesome. And they must be licking their chops on both sides of the ball with a struggling Utah team on tap.
  • Oregon Ducks (4-0, 1-0 Pac 12) #3 AP
    • The Ducks looked better than just about everybody in the nation, beating the ranked Arizona Wildcats 49-0. And not only did they shut them out, they kept them from scoring despite the fact that UofA made it into the redzone a number of times. Huge. Absolutely huge. If they don't jump up at least one spot in the polls, I'll be shocked. As good as their offense is, the defense was the story in this game. They shouldn't have too much trouble with Washington State this week.
  • Stanford Cardinal (3-0, 1-0 Pac 12) #9 AP
    • They were off this week. The Cardinal faces Washington on Thursday. Tune in, folks.
  • Arizona Wildcats (3-1, 0-1 Pac 12) #22 AP
    • They didn't look quite as bad as the score indicated, but they're going to have to regroup after that stomping. I think they're still good, though Matt Scott is showing that it is his first year as a starting QB. I'll be interested to see how they do this week against Oregon State after putting up zeroes against the Ducks.
  • Washington Huskies (2-1)
    • They have a potentially exciting matchup on Thursday against Stanford after being off this weekend.
  • Utah Utes (2-2, 0-1 Pac 12)
    • They looked pretty bad against Arizona State, and that vaunted defense didn't do anything. I'm interested to see how this develops. They have an off week to fix things, though, so we'll see if anything changes for them after the break.

And the Pac 12 Schools we don't face this year:

  • Cal Bears (1-3, 0-1 Pac 12)
    • USC responded to the difficult loss last weekend, Cal did not. The Bears were overmatched against the Trojans. And they have an impressive looking Arizona State team on tap.
  • Oregon State Beavers (2-0, 1-0 Pac 12)
    • Well gee, I guess we forgot about OSU. After upsetting Wisconsin, they beat a pretty tough looking UCLA team and look very solid. It's still too early to tell, because they've only played 2 games, so we'll know more after they take on Arizona this week.