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Thursday Buff Bites - Marques Mosley Has Heart, Volleyball Wins Again


The CU Buff Bites: Covering Colorado Buffaloes Athletics and College Football with news, links, and stories.

Colorado_mediumEmbree Press Conference Transcript - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of ColoradoOn Translating Practice To Games

On The Young Players Confidence

"I will use Marques Mosley for an example, he hurt his knee early in the second quarter and then he continued to play, and then at halftime it stiffened up on him pretty good-he had an MCL, and he went back out there and he wasn't supposed to be out there. So I had to call a timeout to get him off the field. And he was crying, he was upset, because it's important to him."

"I had to call a timeout to get him off the field." Guys like Mosley and Orms and others literally play until there's nothing left... These are the guys who will help CU win again...

On Translating Practice To Games

To me, a good player is when you make a mistake, you have a bad play, it doesn't turn into two, three or four bad plays, and that's what happened to us Saturday. They had five one play drives, because they are thinking about the drive before when they gave up a play, instead of just focusing on the next play. That happens at times when you are new at doing something, but we have got to learn to move on and focus on the next play, and that is one of the things we talked about. We, meaning me and the players, have been doing individual meetings about ways to try and combat that."

Colorado_mediumBuffs Win Pac-12 Opener Against Utah - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

The Pac-12 season is off to a great start for the University of Colorado volleyball team as the Buffs defeated Utah 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-21) on Wednesday night to win their league opener at the Coors Events Center. "It feels great," coach Liz Kritza said.

After the jump... there are officially no injuries in Pullman. Mike Leach is a pirate (we knew this) but is now apparently a wizard!

The Alphabetical, Week 3: Utah Is On The Field (Again) -

This week's Alphabetical clarifies what makes college football different: random mobs, personal attacks on coaches, and Pitt beating Virginia Tech.

Alabandical is not the right word. It means "stupefied from drink," and a Utah crowd, while it does have its Jack Mormons and drinkers, is not on the list of "drunkest college football mob units." (Hi, Ohio State! Bon soir, LSU.)

This is good. They don't need any help generating total chaos on a football field. ...the Utah student section, aka the beloved MUSS, who like jolly idiot lemmings charged the field during a live ball situation on Saturday night, gave BYU 15 yards of field and a replay of a game-tying field goal, and who then went right back to the playbook in charging the field for a third time in victory.

Champions: they practice the basics until they can't get it wrong. The Utah student section will now continue charging across America until they interrupt every major event in our society, including intimate time with your significant other.

2012 Heisman Horse Race, Week 3: Redemption Time -

Now, it gets interesting. After Week 2's Top 10 list in the Heisman Horse Race in no way resembled that of Week 1, Week 3 saw some repeat performers. Geno Smith is a length ahead of the field, but plenty of other stat-happy quarterbacks are within shouting distance.

Alabama-LSU national title rematch remains unlikely; more Mailbag - Stewart Mandel -

The only way it becomes a real problem is if Colorado -- which appears to be in the throes of an all-out implosion -- sinks into an extended state of disinterest and non-competitiveness, à la Temple in the mid-2000s (when it got kicked out of the Big East). Every conference has bottom-feeders, but a league never wants things to get so bad that the program becomes an embarrassment for the conference. I don't think that will happen. As I've said a million times before, everything is cyclical. Colorado has a history of success and, now, access to the same resources as the rest of the Pac-12. It will eventually dig out of this rut -- but heaven help the 2012 Buffs when they go up against USC, Oregon and Stanford in consecutive weeks.

Colorado_pac-12Opponent Watch - Wazoo: WSU practice: Morris says Ratliff must step up - SportsLink - - Sept. 18, 2012

The quarterback taking the bulk of the reps was Connor Halliday (here's an interesting radio interview with him, by the way), though I'm not sure how surprising that is at this point. Jeff Tuel is still wearing a brace and took some reps, too, appearing to throw the ball fine for the most part. His mobility, from what we've seen, doesn't look too bad, though it can be hard to tell because the quarterbacks don't do a whole lot of moving outside of their throwing drills, and even then it's fairly limited.

Colorado_mediumThe Rumblings of a Deranged Buffalo: Have you put a deposit down on basketball season tickets?

There used to be this father and son who had season tickets a few rows in front of me. They'd show up to a few games in the fall, dressed in non-Buffs wear, and sit silently, whispering back and forth as the season progressed. Then, come January, they'd show up to the KU game in five layers of Jayhawk gear.

After the game, their seats would go empty for the rest of the season, and after the switch to the Pac-12 they were gone permanently. You see, for these die-hard Kansas fans, it was cheaper for them to buy season tickets to CU then to travel and scalp for one game in Allen Fieldhouse. The worst part? They didn't even have the common courtesy to pretend to like CU during a non-KU game.

The point is, if you have never gotten season tickets before, you have an opportunity to do two things:
1) Get some great (and cheap) seats to one of the most exciting up-and-coming programs in the nation.
2) Deny those carpet-bagging Jayhawk fans the opportunity to move in on our party next year when the KU comes back to Boulder.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Henderson Eyes Another Chance vs. Cougars - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

If he's healthy enough physically, Greg Henderson hopes to take a mental health day Saturday afternoon in Pullman, Wash. Try as he might, the Colorado cornerback has had a difficult time erasing the memory of CU's 31-27 last-minute loss last season to Washington State at Folsom Field. If he's sufficiently recovered from an ankle sprain that has sidelined him for the past two games, Henderson is viewing a rematch against the Cougars and receiver Marquess Wilson as therapeutic. "I really want to get back out there - especially after last season and the mistake I made at the end of the game," Henderson said.

At the time, Henderson, who had earned the starting right corner job in August camp, was playing in only his fifth college game. He "bit" on a double move by Wilson, who caught a 63-yard touchdown pass to doom the Buffs. Just over a minute before, the Cougars had crept to within 27-24 on another TD pass, but Henderson is haunted only by the second one. "I think about it all the time," he said. "Every time they run 'triangle' (a three-receiver set) I make sure I get back there and do my job, do what I'm supposed to do. It's a horrible feeling giving up the game, especially when you have it in reach like that."

The loss hurt, but there were no fingers pointed by Henderson's position coach, Greg Brown, or any of Henderson's teammates. "They weren't blaming me or anybody (specifically)," he said. "It was a team thing. They were really compassionate about it." Nonetheless, compassion carried him only so far. The angst remains. "I want to be out there so bad to help the team out," he said. "I've been going to the trainers morning, noon, night just to get better."

These guys have a lot of heart. Now they need just a little luck. Go Buffs.