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An Hour In The Buff - A YouTube Collaboration Between Buff Stampede And Ralphie Report

An Hour in the Buff
An Hour in the Buff

The time has finally arrived. After discussing it all summer and struggling to make schedules work, the first episode of our new YouTube show has finally arrived. An Hour in the Buff is a collaboration between myself and Adam Munsterteiger of the fantastic Rivals Colorado Buffaloes site, Buff Stampede. The show will cover everything Buffaloes football and basketball, both the current teams and recruiting.

When we started plans for the show, we certainly didn't expect to be discussing an 0-2 team but it did give us plenty to talk about. We expect to shoot 1-2 episodes each month and we hope that they get better and better each time.

Give it a watch after the jump and let us know what you think.