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Sunday Poll: YOUR Gameplan Against CSU - What Would You Do?

A poll of Buffaloes fans and Ralphie Report readers to see what would be YOUR Gameplan in Colorado's opening game vs. CSU?

You've seen the depth charts.

It's a depth chart, get it? No? Oh, you do, but it's not funny. I see...via noaa

Fine, you've see the Colorado football depth chart for August (updated this morning apparently). And you've noticed that it shows only two WR slots (X and Z instead of X, Y, and Z) and a bajillion Tight Ends to compensate. You may have also noticed that our backup quarterback position isn't totally resolved yet.

After skimming the chart and noticing that for once we have a real-live two-deep on the offensive line, some old hippie woman accosts you in front of Farrand Hall and gives you two rocks, cackling something about "Magic stones" as she runs away again. You look reflexively at the yellowish stones in your hand, and when you look up again you're sitting in a Dal Ward office, with a dramatic view of Folsom field.

Your desk says 'Jon Embree, Head Coach' and there's a bunch of footballey stuff on the walls. You're now the head coach of the Buffaloes. Pick your offensive gameplan for the CSU game, and share your reasoning...