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Friday CU Buff Bites - Colorado Offensive Playbook Expands

Rumor is that players must tattoo onto themselves any plays they don't memorize. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Rumor is that players must tattoo onto themselves any plays they don't memorize. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Recapping the Colorado Buffaloes Pre-season Football with news, links, and the August Blitz!

Colorado_mediumCOUNTDOWN: 8 - Every Day Should Be Saturday - There are no interesting CU stats that line up with 8, so here's the rambling words of SBNation's South Georgia meth addicts regarding: Ralphie

Don't be above choosing a team based on a mascot, or at the least using it to tip the scales if you're on the fence. Ralphie is a fine case of the hazards and bonuses of mascot bias. Bonus: Ralphie is the best mascot, and literally peerless. No other mascot is a raging, rampaging, untamable mass of angry muscle, prairie colored fur, an infuriated four-legged killing ball of hooves, horns, and purple tongue barely kept under control by a scrambling crew of cowboys.

They have to corral her and place her in a pen to keep Ralphie from wreaking sweet havoc on the sidelines. How badly we want this to happen in real life is a serious indictment of us as a person. We can live with that, but still.*

Colorado_mediumFootball: CU Buffs' Eric Bieniemy adding to offensive playbook - Buffzone

Eric Bieniemy says there is new stuff in his offense this season. He isn't saying how much. The Colorado offensive coordinator is entering his second season calling the plays for the Buffs, and he says he spent part of his offseason studying other offenses and picking out pieces he believes fit in well with the long-term vision he and coach Jon Embree share for the Buffs.

"Obviously we've done a little studying with different offenses and different people across the country, but you've always got to be willing to experiment with things and be willing to try something new. Just because you've done it a certain way your whole entire life doesn't mean you can't change for the better."

"I was taught as a player to learn from the dinosaurs," Bieniemy said. "You've got to make sure that you're willing to adapt and keep it moving."

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs wide receiver Paul Richardson ruled out of season's first two games - Buffzone

Injured Colorado wide receiver Paul Richardson won't play in the first two games of the season, coach Jon Embree told the Daily Camera today. Richardson suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in a non-contact drill in spring ball and underwent surgery in mid-April.

At the time, CU coaches and team doctors thought the Buffs' star offensive player had been lost for the season, but Richardson made surprising progress in his rehabilitation during the summer and he and Embree began talking optimistically in July about a return at some point this season.

Which game do you think will mark P-Rich's return to the roster? Wazoo? ASU? Utah?

Also, turns out there's the possibility of intelligent football out there...

Oregon's New Uniforms Are Made Of Wondrous Things - From Our Editors - - Hey... I said 'possibility'. Besides, 'intelligent' is such a strong word.

The Oregon Ducks are famous -- or infamous, if you prefer -- in the college football world for having like a million versions of their football uniforms each year (rough estimate). This year is sure to be no exception. The latest blockbuster tidbit of information (blocktidfo) from Darren Rovell is that this year's Ducks Nike uniforms will use 16 different materials. 16! That's a lot of materials! Let us run down what those materials might be, shall we?

Thought Experiment: Could The NFL Function Without Officials? - - I know it's NFL related, but I found the polemic intriguing...maybe you will too.

It seems as though these are the officials we'll be stuck with all season, and that's a predicament so dire that I started wondering about alternatives. Even the radical ones. Like this one: Could the NFL function without officiating crews? This is an absurd and unasked-for premise, but I'm going to try to "tackle" (football term) this challenge as well as I can ... which might not be all that well, but hypothetical experiments are not really about success anyway. If you're not up for this, you might want to leave now. I'll understand.


The Idaho Vandals and New Mexico State Aggies remain the two sad teams thrown clear by realignment, left unclaimed by expanding conferences in the last frantic rush out of the collapsing husk of the WAC. Pat Hill is still living in the deserted back half of it, and stages a hell of a cockfight there on Thursday nights if you're interested.

Bring Sterno. He's running low.

Idaho has announced its solution to the problem of being left behind: independence. Take the Vandals off the grid, and Robb Akey will just dig a latrine, crank up the generator. and declare the Kibbie Dome a free state for football, pelt-trading, and the sale of Robb Akey's homemade Idaho potato brandy, "Vandal Eyez." (Warning! Do not consume "Vandal Eyez" near large magnets, and certainly never, ever around open flames.)

Colorado_pac-12Utah Utes are a quiet contender in Pac-12 - NCF - ESPN

"My challenges were different," Embree said, coming off a 3-10 season (2-7 in Pac-12, though one win was Utah). He said he had to restructure the program, even down to its attitude and makeup. "I'm excited that we're starting to focus on football," he said. "When you're trying to create or change culture, that first year you don't spend as much time on football because you're busy doing other stuff."

Colorado_pac-12Unfortunately Missing Ralphie? Colorado Roundtable - California Golden Blogs - A roundtable on the Buffaloes from California Golden Blogs in the style of Rock Paper Shotgun

At least the Buffs still get to play games at altitude in Boulder. Three of their last four games are at home, so maybe if some young players can get some experience the team can gel enough to pull some upsets late in the year at home. I could see them knocking off UCLA or Arizona St., or maaaaaybe even UW or Utah in November.

Even then, a bowl berth would be a pretty significant step.

Colorado_pac-122012 Pac-12 Football Season Preview: Colorado Buffaloes - Addicted To Quack - Addicted to Quack, the SB Nation Oregon site, preview the 2012 Buffs.

I feel bad for Colorado fans. Colorado was bad last season. Colorado also has the misfortune of losing all of their best players. QB Tyler Hansen? Gone. RB Rodney Stewart? Gone. WR Paul Richardson? Injured, and may or may not play this season. I've said on the podcast that Colorado reminds me a lot of Washington State, in that the previous coach did so much damage that the whole foundation of the program is going to have to be ripped up and rebuilt. That means things are going to get a bit worse before they get better

Colorado_mediumPac-12 football: 2012 regular-season win totals | College Hotline - Colorado: 3.5 Comment: Like the over 3.5, although not quite with the same conviction as the Arizona over. The Buffaloes should be better than they were last year and have a series of winnable games in the first half of the season.

Colorado_mediumFootball: CU Buffs' Jon Major, Doug Rippy working on game together - Buffzone

They are the heart and soul of the 2012 Buffs. Jon Major and Doug Rippy, Colorado's wounded linebacking warriors, have overcome plenty of adversity over the last four years. Now they're looking ahead to a fantastic finish in Boulder. The inseparable friends have been working out, watching film, and even conducting post-practice interviews in tandem.

"What I like about the two of them is they are kind of sticking together this year," longtime CU linebackers coach Brian Cabral said. "They're working together, they're studying together, they're doing everything trying to encourage, challenge and help each other. "That also brings out the best of my unit. It's kind of fun to see them be pretty tight and be twin brothers."

As a true freshman, Major was rapidly ascending Cabral's depth chart before suffering a torn ACL in fall camp. By all accounts, Major was in the middle of an All-Big 12 season when he went down with a serious MCL sprain against Texas Tech in 2010. Major started all 13 games at the Sam (inside) linebacker position last season. He gritted through some painful nagging injuries down the stretch.

"That was my biggest goal to just finish a full season relatively healthy," Major said. "That was huge for me and proved that I can be durable, especially playing 13 games. My expectations are the same this year and I have all the confidence that's going to happen."

Go Buffs!