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Interview & First Look At Colorado Buffaloes Men's Basketball Team


Okay, folks. For those of you who were able to catch the radio broadcasts of the two CU basketball games against the French teams, you took one thing away from them: Those French announcers are absolutely spectacular! Francois and Nicolas of 7PM Productions had fun with the broadcast, came up with some great nicknames for the players, and they were the first people to see our six new Buffaloes in game action. Since they seemed like fun and down-to-earth guys, I reached out to them to see if they would give us some observations on our team and the new freshmen. They agreed, and if you have any more questions, I may be able to send them another batch sometime soon.

In the meantime, go like their Facebook Page and thank them for doing this (and while you are at it, make sure you like our page as well).

So, here are their impressions of our new players and some of the returning ones:

Hi David,

Sorry for that period unanswered. I was'nt with my computer this weekend. So i try to answer with my poor vocabulary at your questions. If you want more, don't hesitate !

Follow the jump because it's the honest thing to do!

Wesley Gordon - How strong did he look and was he able to do anything on offense? How was his defense?

He is very strong physically. He has a huge expansion. He plays very close to the hoop. He is great threat for the opponents because is very abile. Defensively he is very impressive.

Chris Jenkins - Can you tell us about his role in the pffense?

I think this player is a little shy. That is to say, it does not take the shoot when it is sometimes a good position to do so. But his long arms and his positional sense enable him to obtain good passes and thus to give the opportunity to score many points

Xavier Johnson - He seemed to be everywhere on offense & defense, but what stuck out most about his play?

It is very powerful and intimidating. He has a very good sense of the game in my opinion.

Josh Scott - We know he scored a bunch of points, but how was he defensively?

He needs to build muscle and be stronger. He is slow on his defensive moves, a little soft.

Eli Stalzer - He was a late addition to our class, does he seem like he will be able to contribute?

He is fast but a little dissipated in the organization of the game, a bit rushed in its choices. Moreover, he is small and seems in trouble with his shot.

Xavier Talton - How was he able to adjust to the speed of the game?

He is not much back in the game but he brought a professional in the organization. It seems very hard defensively.

And then, I've got to ask you about the nicknames you were using for our players. What were they and where did they come from? (PS they were awesome!)

LOL, we used these nicknames with humor of course. These are the ones that seem the most fun.Eli Stalzer : Enerstalzer

Josh Scott : Jelly Scott

Askia Booker : Moumoutte

Wesley Gordon : Gordon Gekko

Andre Roberson : DreSlamRoberson

Beau Gamble : Beautiful Gamble

Spencer Dinwiddie : The Mayor

Sabatino Chen : Super Nichendo

Ben Mills : Big Ben

Andre Roberson is known for his defense & rebounding, but can you talk about his offensive performance?

Like Xavier Johson, he has a very good sense of the game. He plays very close to the hoop and his speed and power do the rest !

And how did Spencer Dinwiddie look as the primary point guard for us?

Very serious point guard with a real sense of the game. He's not very good shooter but he organizes the game very well and includes all positioning teammates quickly.

How well was Askia Booker able to get into the lane on offense against a professional team?

He has a true quality of penetration. His speed and his handle make huge damages in the defense.

We had heard that Sabatino Chen had been working on improving his shot. How did he look?

Honnestly ? I do not think it is a good shooter, small size for this position. He have to improve his pass quality and his penetration.

Did you see anything out of Ben Mills?

While he is big but it is very slow. It is not very accurate in his shooting.

Great stuff, thanks!

Moreover, we have seen Kansas and Virginia before Colorado. In my mind, Colorado and Virginia were the best teams. My favorite starter for a team will be : Jontel Evans (Virginia) / Joe Harris (Virginia) / Perry Ellis (Kansas) / Andre Roberson (Colorado) / Xavier Johnson (Colorado)


I hope i have answerd good ^^

Thanks again for your interest and see you soon !

I don't know about you guys, but this gets me really excited to finally see all the new players. Yes. It's less than two weeks before FB season, and I can't stop thinking about our basketball team. Tad Boyle is clearly a wizard. Also, Nicolas and Francois are the best.