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Friday CU Buff Bites - Buffaloes Football Camp Continues To Not Require Brain Surgery

Recapping the Colorado Buffaloes Pre-season Football with news, links, and the August Blitz!

Colorado_medium15 - The Number of Lettermen Lost from the CU Offense

Colorado_mediumBrooks: 'P-Rich' Steps Up Rehab, Eyes Target Date - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

Paul Richardson has embarked on an intensified five-week rehab regimen that could return the junior receiver to the Colorado lineup before the Buffs get deep into Pac-12 Conference play. The operative word remains "could." As was the case when he began his recovery from ACL surgery on his left knee in mid-April, there still are no guarantees he will play in the 2012 season. But at the end of his five-week program - on or about Sept. 16 - Richardson will be reevaluated.

That date will mark five months since his ACL surgery, an operation which historically can require six to nine months or longer for full recovery. However, some athletes return faster and Richardson's progress since his surgery has been on the fast track. Dr. Eric McCarty, the former Buffs linebacker who now is a member of CU's sports medicine team, said Richardson "is doing remarkably well, really shooting past the benchmark (for healing). At the five-month mark we want to see where he is so we can reevaluate and assess . . . see if he's ready.

Colorado_mediumBrooks: Embree Makes Quick QB Decision - It's Webb - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

In a surprising story of arrive and conquer, Webb needed only eight days of training camp to separate himself from sophomores Nick Hirschman and Connor Wood. "He's been very accurate," Embree said of Webb. "He's showed good discipline in taking care of the football. He makes plays."

"Obviously, the experience shows, the poise shows," added CU quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer. "He was able to transfer terminology. Concepts are concepts, but he was able to transfer the terminology relatively quickly. There's still a learning curve for him, but he really progressed quicker than I thought he would."

Colorado_mediumBest case-worst case: Colorado - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

The nuttiness that is "Best case-worst case" is back.

...Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy strides across the halftime locker room and addresses his offensive line. "We're going to give it to Tony Jones. Every darn play."

Bakhtiari turns, "We will never, ever, forget the beautiful black and golden bike that was made red by our enemies to the West!" Colorado beats the No. 19 Utes 28-20 and earns a berth in the Holiday Bowl. The Buffaloes beat Texas 13-10, their fans serenading the Longhorns with chants of "Pac-12!"

After the game, Major blasts "Someone like you." And everybody does, in fact, cry. The Buffs finish ranked 24th. Just ahead of No. 25 Nebraska. The snow comes early and often and is most righteous.

Somehow, I don't believe that is the word that Eric Bieniemy would be using...

There's a lotta links after the jump, it's dangerous to go alone... Here, take this.

Colorado_mediumCollege Football's Top 25 Toughest Places to Play - Yahoo! Sports

7. Folsom Field, Colorado: Folsom Field, home of the Colorado Buffaloes, is one of the most underrated venues in college sports. The fans here always cheer hard and loud, and they are quite respectful and friendly to visiting fans.

Colorado_pac-12Football Fast Forward Bonus: California > Pac-12 Conference > Football

Amidst a schedule littered with litmus tests and statement games, there is arguably no more daunting a challenge for the Cal Bears in 2012 than the prospect of facing the resurgent USC Trojans in the LA Coliseum. I suppose the Ohio State Buckeyes might have something to say about this, but no worries--Cal will have visited the Horseshoe for a friendly visit the week prior.

Retractions - Cowboys Ride For Free

Cowboys Ride For Free issues a formal apology to the readers of this site for inaccurate statements in the June 21st article: "Bob Stoops, Cannibal Devil".

We were confident in the reliability of our sources for that article, but have since been informed that said sources were: 1) a drunk, 2) a ghost, 3) a drunk ghost, and 4) a weird dream I had one time. We formally retract the following statements from the article: "... if you get to close to him, there is a good chance he will try to eat you in order to feed the devil inside him."

Rash of dismissals in college football enough to field All-Castoff Team -

The news that Tyrann Mathieu was dismissed from LSU on Friday sent a shock throughout most of the college football world but he certainly was not the only high profile player to be kicked off a team this offseason. In fact, there have been enough players given the boot that you could field a pretty decent starting 22 (North Alabama will certainly try to grab a few to find out). Head coach Bobby Petrino (Arkansas)

2012's New College Football Uniforms: Your Complete Fall Plumage Guide -

Every college football team always has new uniforms all the time. Most people hate most of them. Let's prepare our eyes for what's coming in 2012. Your college football team probably has some new uniform thing going on this year. I say this with confidence, since every college football team is always fiddling with its uniforms, and it might actually be swifter to just show you all the ones that are the same. Thank you, Texas Tech, for probably not switching up your uniforms this year.

The UNC Scandal And One Big Excuse To Be Outraged Again -

UNC athletics is under fire again, this time for allegations of academic impropriety that may stretch back for more than a decade.

...But then, on the other hand ... I was an immature, directionless comm major in college, and woke up senior year having spent fours years addicted to EA Sports' NCAA Football games, avoiding schoolwork at every turn, taking mostly easy classes. So what's the real difference?

Plenty of other kids may have loved college and worked like crazy while they were, but it took graduating school for me to get serious about applying myself. Once you start honestly digging into the moral responsibility of college sports to promote academics, it requires getting honest about college academics, in general.

College is what any 18-year-old wants to make of it, and it's never going change everyone's life, because 18-year-olds are generally pretty immature and directionless regardless.

THE CURIOUS INDEX, 8/17/2012 - Every Day Should Be Saturday

First they shock by varying their uniforms. Then everyone else does it, and does it poorly, indeed very, very poorly. Finally, when Oregon releases their latest variation on "Eco-Stormtroopers From A Positivist Future," you regard them as the comforting classics of the genre. They had this in mind all along because they are Nike, and create what you want before you even know it while Adidas and Under Armor redefine retinal molestation.

Colorado_mediumThe Rumblings of a Deranged Buffalo: Quick Post: Christian Powell is no Lawrence Vickers

All apologies to Coach Embree, but I think he's lost his damn mind. There has been, and ever will be, only one LV. I say without reservation that he was the greatest fullback in the history of the world.

Colorado_mediumJordan Webb named Colorado starting QB - Pac-12 - ESPN

"You know how I am," Embree said. "If I feel it's right, I'm going with it ... He's showed good discipline in taking care of the football. He makes plays. There were a lot of things he had to overcome, being in town for all of three weeks, learning an entire new system, while competing for a starting job."

Colorado_mediumFootball: Embree likes CU Buffs' depth at linebacker - Buffzone

Jon Embree knows he's going to encounter players with "saucer eyes" on game days this fall. With such a young roster it's inevitable. Embree surveys the field during Colorado practices and sees young players putting themselves in position to make significant contributions at almost every position.

Some of them will be forced into action because there aren't many other options. Some are earning time despite the presence of veteran teammates. For instance, the strength of the defense is the linebacker corps led by returning starters Jon Major, Douglas Rippy and Derrick Webb.

Embree will obviously rely on that trio in his second season as head coach, but he said Sunday he also plans to get understudies such as Woodson Greer, Brady Daigh and Kyle Washington into games often to give the veterans needed rest and help them continue to develop.

"If we have six guys that can do some stuff, let's play them," he said. "Let's keep out guys fresh. It's a long year, as you guys saw last year. ...We've got to get them going and play them as much as we can so that they're comfortable if they're called on to be the guy."

Colorado_mediumFootball: CU Buffs counting on Pericak - Buffzone

"Seeing myself develop as a leader and as a senior leader, it's been pretty cool to see," he said. "These younger guys really look up to you and I try to set a good example for them and set a culture so they can follow."
Establishing a winning attitude is important to Pericak, who grew up watching great CU teams of the past. CU hasn't been to a bowl game since the 2007 season -- the year before Pericak came to the Buffs. Even that team, however, had a losing record (6-7). CU's last winning season was 2005, when Pericak was a sophomore in high school.
"It hasn't been there in a while, too long," he said. Because of that, Pericak doesn't care much for any recognition he's receiving right now. He's not concerned with any accolades he could get after the season. He has one goal. "Go to a bowl game. We've got to go," he said.

"If you perform well enough to get to a bowl game, you're going to get noticed by people. Who knows what happens? I'm just going to have the best season I can."

Go Buffs!