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Colorado Buffaloes Name Former Kansas Jayhawk Jordan Webb As Starting QB

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The Colorado Buffaloes have named former Kansas Jayhawk Jordan Webb as their starting quarterback for the 2012 season. Jon Embree announced the decision on 850 KOA moments ago and said that Webb has seized the opportunity to be named the starter. Embree commented that Connor Wood and Nick Hirschman will battle for the back-up position.

Webb is a junior who left the Kansas program when Charlie Weis was named head coach and made it clear that he was going to bring in his "own guys". Webb came to Colorado because he saw an opportunity start and it now looks like he will get it. Last season with the Jayhawks, he completed 179 of 281 passes for 1,884 yards with 13 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. In 12 games, a 2-0 start was soured by a 10-game losing streak to end the season. But make no mistake, there was not a whole lot of talent on that Kansas team.

Personally, I had hoped to see Connor Wood get the call due to his high ceiling and his time remaining in the program, but as Denny said last week, a long quarterback derby or even dual quarterback's going into the season would not have helped this team mature and I'm glad a call was made. Webb will take over the reins the bulk of the snaps with the first team and he will hopefully begin to build a rapport with his receivers. Webb is a similar quarterback to Tyler Hansen and he just "finds a way to get the ball to his target" as Embree said last Saturday.

Nice use of Twitter by Embree to tease out the pick... What does everyone think ?