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Monday CU Buff Bites - CU Media Day: Cross Country & Men's Basketball Reload Pac-12 Champion Teams

Recapping CU Media Day with news links and stories for your Buffaloes Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country, and Soccer teams. Go Buffs!

Colorado_medium19 Days Left: Our 19 turnovers last season were good enough for 3rd in the Pac-12 and 32nd in the NCAA. interviews Colorado Tony Jones - - Because no post in August can be bereft of football, here's an interview with Tony Jones...

Colorado_mediumMBB Embarks On 5-Game, 10-Day European Trip - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

The University of Colorado men's basketball team will travel across the Atlantic Ocean for a five-game, 10-day European trip that will take the Buffaloes to Paris (France), Antwerp (Belgium) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). CU will leave Denver International Airport (DIA) on Monday morning (Aug. 13) for a flight to Chicago, then land in Paris the following day at 9:25 a.m. local time (8 hours and 20 minutes later). All three European cities are eight hours ahead of mountain time. "It will be a great opportunity for our team on a lot of different levels," said CU head coach Tad Boyle.

After the jump, Soccer draws against the Alumni team, Volleyball rebuilds, and Cross Country Reloads the team that won the Pac-12 Tournament.

Colorado_mediumSoccer Draws With Alumni, Previews Season At Media Day - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

Colorado took to Prentup Field Saturday to challenge a group of soccer alumni. The game ended in a 2-2 tie after three 30 minute periods. CU looked strong in the first period, with shots on goal coming from freshman Maddie Krauser and seniors Shaye Marshall and Amy Barczuk. Current CU keeper Kayla Millar, who was in the net for the alumni, had three saves in the first period.

Most of the CU freshman got their first taste of play in the alumni game, including a handful in the second period. In the final two minutes before the break, freshman Carly Manso scored off an assist from Barczuk for the game's first goal. Sophomore Carly Boylard was denied in her first shot attempt in the final period, but netted one with the assistance of Marshall and sophomore Darcy Jerman.

The Buff alumni surged in the closing minutes of the match. With just under 15 minutes remaining, Kim Lowry (2007-10) found the goal. Nikki Marshall (2006-09) and Orly Ripmaster (2003) were credited with the assist. In the final seconds of the match, the elder Marshall tied the game 2-2.

Why is this the first time I have heard the name 'Orly Ripmaster'? WHYYYY?

Colorado_mediumVolleyball Media Day Notes And Quotes - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

...The casual fan or the casual observer doesn’t tune in to women’s volleyball. They will now because of the success of our Olympic volleyball team. We have a gold and a silver in beach play, and a potential gold in the indoor game. It speaks volume to the sport, in our countries ability to progress and promote itself through international games. And at least at the beginning of the next Olympic quad a lot more people will have more interest in the sport and that’s something we need to capitalize on.

"One thing that will change for us in the Pac-12 is the launch of our network. We will have three times more television coverage than any other conference in women’s college volleyball and that is significant. It will help grow the sport and I think it’s a concerted effort to make us the top level in this league for women’s college volleyball. I’m pleased; it could not have come at a better time right after the Olympics. We will see what level of interest will carry over into the collegiate season."

Colorado_mediumCross Country Coach Mark Wetmore Media Day Quotes, Notes - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

How much did winning CU’s first Pac-12 Championships mean to you and the program? "I’ve been doing this a long time and there are a lot of highlights, but I have to say that that result 10 months ago was pretty high among them. We’ve won conference championships before, but we went in as underdogs against formidable opponents; and so the combination of the debut of the Pac-12 Cross Country meet, the first Pac-12 Championship in any sport, that we were underdogs and that we pretty much hit on all cylinders added up to be a pretty good day. It was fun."

Experiences from Emma and Shalaya at the Olympics: "I wish I had them here with me. Shalaya is in town somewhere and just got back from a 28-hour trip from London. She had a wonderful year, but a long year with a full cross country season and an indoor and outdoor season. She was the expected NCAA Champion and lived up to those expectations. She did excellently this year, but I think the season was getting long by the time she got to the Olympics. Her time in the trial rounds wasn’t her best. It’s a unique experience the first time you are there. If you look at the first time experiences of most distance runners in what we call the majors (the Olympics or world championships), usually you need a year to get used the jitters, hype and pressure.

"I’m with them in the warm up track until 50 minutes to go and then they are taken away to the call rooms in the bowels of the stadium. Normally one begins their warm-up 50 minutes prior, but in this case I give them a hug and tell them to stick to the plan and off they go to stand around in little tiny rooms and look at their opponents. Then with five minutes to go, they walk up the stairway and into the stadium with 85,000 flash bulbs going and chariots of fire blaring on the speakers. It is really something intimidating and scary. Usually you have to go through that once to get the feeling of it. It was a wonderful year for Shalaya and was something she will never forget.

"In Emma’s case she ran everything we could reasonably expect. To go through the finals in all of that hype and buildup over the last year and to run the fastest that you’ve ever run is hard. Out of the 15 people that were in the final, I think only four did it. She is tough. Nothing bothers her much."

Go Buffs, and stay tuned for a deluge of football articles tomorrow!