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CU Media Day: Jon Embree Notes And Quotes

<em>Kenny Crawley waiting on a punt. Photo courtesy of an awesome photographer.</em>
Kenny Crawley waiting on a punt. Photo courtesy of an awesome photographer.

I just got back from CU's 60th annual Fall Sports Media Day and I thought I would throw up a few notes from the day as well as Embree's full audio before I head over to the Denver Beer Company's 1st anniversary party.

As I noted on Twitter, this is my third consecutive year to attend Media Day and I really got a different vibe from the players this season. They seem upbeat, excited and optimistic about the year. It could just be the guys I talked to, it could be the relative youth of the team, but I like the direction this program is taking as it moves further away from the Hawkins era.

Here are some of Embree's quotes that stuck out to me.

- Embree slipped up in the beginning and started to say "we're in a quarterback controversy" before stopping himself and changing it to "quarterback competition". Pretty funny.

- He said he wants to chose a quarterback as soon as possible so that the "offense knows who's leading them when they go play CSU."

- In describing the traits of the three quarterbacks he said that Connor has the strongest arm, the players really gravitate to Nick and Jordan has the experience of playing in 19 games. He also compares Webb to Koy Detmer.

- He he "wishes he could chose a quarterback tomorrow" so he could sleep at night.

- He said that Donta Abron and Terrence Crowder are a little bit ahead of Davien Payne.

- Christian Powell is having a good camp. He's a "legit 235 and ripped."

- This comment was telling: "This year we have depth, this year we have players who are at their natural positions."

- He called Will Pericak "night and day better".

- Nate Bonsu "lost close to 30 lbs" and Embree never thought he'd use the word athletic when describing Nate, but he is now.

- Embree said "when Parker played we seemed to play a little bit better back there."

- John Walker will redshirt due to an finger injury.

- Kyle Ringo said that he asked 10 different players who the leader was on this team and got 8 different answers. Embree said that it was a sign that multiple players were "stepping up."

Tons of video content to come over the next couple of days. I'll add Embree's audio this evening.

And then there was this...