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Another Buffaloes QB Rotation? Say It Isn't So...

<em>Image courtesy of Edward Navarro of <a href="" target="new">Buff Stampede</a></em>
Image courtesy of Edward Navarro of Buff Stampede

Alright, people I want to talk decision making. Paper or plastic, shaken or stirred, hit that snooze button one more time or just get up; these are decisions we make on a regular basis with little difficulty. Now I know Boulder and Colorado seem to be the best of both worlds. I mean where else can you find world class hiking, biking, running and climbing for half the year and then the best skiing in the world (arguably, won't debate it here) the other half of the year? However, too often lately, have we seen this same "best of both worlds" mindset seep into our football program. Hawkins or Hansen, Hansen or Hirshman, B-Jax or Cox, Rowdy (Ralphie IV) or Blackout (Ralphie V) (anyone else remember when they had to go back to Rowdy because Blackout was a bit too, well rowdy?).

If you haven't already seen it, Buffaloes quarterback coach Rip Scherer said yesterday that he "wouldn't be averse" to playing two quarterbacks in the first couple of games. This is my opinion, and I know how much less my opinion means than that of the coaching staff at CU, but come on now. Can't we make a decision? This Colorado team, maybe more than any other CU team in recent memory is STARVED for a bit of leadership. This season we are looking at more true freshmen real game minutes than just about any other team in the nation, and more than we at CU have ever witnessed. This team is young and they are inexperienced and they NEED a place to look for an example. Any truly successful team would find that leadership from what many see as the most important position in any sport, quarterback. Yet, since the days of Klatt we have not been able to see a distinct, cut and clear, definite front runner to take the helm of our football team. And, so to declare publicly that again, a decision to name a starting QB will take us well into the regular season is worse to hear than your girlfriend saying "we need to talk". And, like that same girlfriend saying "it's not you, it's me", this type of indecision at our most important decision has become such a cliché.

I get that each quarterback brings something to the table that the other can't. Hirshman knows the offense best (run Ralphie), Wood has the intangibles and pedigree (hook ‘em), Webb has the only sustained experience (rock chalk). Unfortunately, though, combining the three through some Frankenstein-ish experiment would be frowned upon by those with an elevated sense or morality. So, what is the solution, you ask? The coaching staff has their hands tied until someone really stands out, you say? No. I argue you name a starter. Name the one who limits the mistakes and makes the most plays now, publicly. Tell that guy the spot is his to lose and light a fire under the #2 guys butt to go and take that spot away. I just think you have to MANUFACTURE a leader for this young team if one doesn't arise organically.