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Buffaloes WR Paul Richardson Cleared To Run After Just Three Months

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Just under three months ago, Paul Richardson tore his ACL in spring ball, however, he continues to surprise with his recovering ability. Richardson tweeted today that he was cleared by his doctors to start running. Although he still has a long way to go, this is incredible news for the Buffaloes.

Richardson returning at any point during the season would be a boon to an extremely young wide receiving core, but even having him out on the practice field, running with and teaching the young guys is a huge boost for this team. The optimal recovery time for an ACL tear is 6 months, which would peg Richardson returning around late October or early November, however playing him then would still be risky.

Additionally, CU Trainer Miguel Rueda said about P-Rich: "Paul was cleared for straight-ahead jogging and running. He's not to the point where he can make cuts. He is progressing nicely and faster than expected, but it's too early to predict what his status will be for 2012."