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RR Radio S2E3 - A Full Buffaloes Offseason Breakdown

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If you've never listened to Ralphie Report Radio then this is the one to start with. Adam Munsterteiger of Buff Stampede joins us as we take a in-depth look at the Colorado Buffaloes.

We touch on the quarterback and wide receiver positions, talk about the new additions at fullback and on the coaching staff and take a look at the current Buffs recruit class and what guys we might expect to see commit in the future. Parker jumps in at the end to take an early look at the basketball season which, because of the trip to France, isn't all that far away either.

Let us know what you think!

Season 2 Episode 3:

- Previewing fall camp and the 2012 football season
- Breaking down the recruiting class
- An early look at Tad Boyle's Buffaloes

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