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NCAA Football 2013 Rosters And Player Ratings - Colorado Buffaloes

NCAA 12 - CU
NCAA 12 - CU

One of the bright spots of the summer sports doldrums is the yearly release of EA Sports NCAA Football video games that allow college football fans to kill some time until the actual season begins. Today, ratings are starting to trickle out thanks to Tradition Sports Online. We don't have them all yet, but it at least it gives us an idea of how the game will play when you roll with the Buffaloes. While not really all that accurate (especially the ratings), they do give a good idea of how different teams are viewed by then general public and make for some good debate until the year kicks off. The demo of the game was released today and is available for download.

Overall, the Buffaloes were rated with an 83, same as Colorado State and a host of other teams.

Team Overall Offense Defense Prestige

Colorado 83 80 82 2

You can view all of the team ratings here.

The Buffaloes 5 highest rated players are:

Jon Major (MLB) - 86
Ray Polk (FS) - 85
Will Oliver (K) - 85
Paul Richardson (WR) - 84
Darragh O'Neill (P) - 83

See all the ratings after the jump and discuss who is rated too low and too high in the comments.

Doug Rippy (OLB) - 83
Greg Henderson (CB) - 82
Tony Jones (HB) - 82
Kaiwi Crabb (G) - 81
Terrel Smith (SS) - 81
Ryan Dannewitz (T) - 80
Keenan Canty (WR #84, I'm guessing this is who they meant) - 80
Parker Orms (CB) - 79
Josh Ford (HB #29, I'm guessing this is who they meant) - 78
Nick Hirschman (QB) - 78
Chidera Uzo-Diribe (DE #9, I'm guessing this is who they meant) - 78
Woodson Greer (OLB) - 78
Gus Handler (C) - 77
Nate Bonsu (DT #94, I'm guessing this is who they meant) - 77
Josh Moten (CB) - 76
Eric Richter (DT) - 76
Paul Vigo (FS) - 76
Malcolm Creer (HB) - 75
David Bakhtiari (T) - 75
Daniel Munyer (G) - 75
Lowell Williams (OLB, this could be Daigh) - 74
Tyler McCulloch (WR) - 74
Kyle Slavin (TE) - 73
Will Pericak (DE) - 73
Derrick Webb (MLB) - 73
John Schrock (QB) - 73
Alex Lewis (T) - 73
DaVaughn Thornton (WR) - 73

Feel free to correct me on this below and I can make changes. I know that there are a few more players that have left the team than I listed.

Colorado starts at about 3:05