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Colorado Adds Michigan, But Only In Ann Arbor, To Non-Conference Schedule

I wish we got spring game photos...
I wish we got spring game photos...

The Colorado Buffaloes have added the Michigan Wolverines to their non-conference schedule in 2016 and will travel to the Big House in Ann Arbor to play them. The Buffaloes will get national recognition with this game being broadcasted on ESPN and Colorado will receive 1.45 million dollars for playing in this game.

Hopefully by 2016, the Buffaloes will be a force in the Pac-12 and can pull out a victory, however, the outcome isn't necessarily the most important aspect of this addition. As long as the Buffaloes are competitive in this game, the financial benefits along with the recognition that the Buffaloes will receive by being on ESPN outweigh whether or not the Buffaloes win or lose.

It is curious that the Buffs have added another deal with a B1G school without a return game, after playing the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus in 2012, but hopefully the Michigan game carries unique circumstances similar to those that surrounded the OSU match-up. We heard some fans complain when the home and home with Purdue was rumored because Purdue was "boring", but now the complaints are arising from an already weak home schedule not getting to add the Wolverines.

Along with the Wolverines, the Buffaloes will take on the San Jose State Spartans and Colorado State as part of their non-conference schedule in 2016. Ultimately, this could be good news for Colorado fans because although having weak non-conference opponents is good for rebuilding teams, it takes out the upset factor for the Buffaloes. Additionally, boasting about beating San Jose State, Grambling State or Hawaii, doesn't really have the same ring to it as upsetting the Michigan Wolverines in the Big House, one of, if not the most famous stadium in the history of the sport.

There's already a great discussion ongoing about scheduling so let us know what you think either here or there.