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RR Radio S2E1 - Buffaloes Basketball: Reliving The Tournament Season

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It's back! After a ten-episode first season, Ralphie Report Radio has returned for season two in 2012. This year, Parker Baruh is joining me to help create the best Buffaloes podcast we can put together and we have a lot of ideas on how to make it great. Please fire away with any suggestions, thoughts, or requests that you may have. We need your input!

In this first, basketball-only episode, Parker and I take one last look back at Colorado's incredible 2011-12 season and begin to preview Tad Boyle's third year in Boulder. Give it a listen!

Season 2 Episode 1:

- Recapping the 2011-12 Buffaloes basketball season, favorite moments
- Taking a look at who the Buffs are losing to graduation/transfer
- Breaking down the incoming recruiting class
- Early starting five projections

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