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Colorado Buffaloes Spring Practice - Thursday Scrimmage Tidbits

Thanks to the great folks at and we have a few more additions from last night's scrimmage to our spring practice update post yesterday.

Colorado_medium The Buffs ran 41 plays, 11 more than the 30 that were planned. Embree said that, "There was a lot of hitting, real physical. I don't think we got anyone [hurt]. Maybe some minor bruises or some dings."

Colorado_medium Tony Jones had 2 touchdowns on the day and ripped off a sixty-yard run at one point. Jones has had a great spring so far and looks to be the favorite to take over Speedy Stewart's starting role by a large margin.

Colorado_medium Nick Kasa had one of his best days at the tight end position. Embree mentioned him specifically:

"Kasa really stepped up in a big way with multiple down the field catches [with] guys in his face, guys about to hit him and he held onto the ball and he did really well," quarterback Connor Wood further illustrated. "You could definitely tell he was having fun out there. The guy is really talented. He is fast for this being his first spring with the new routes and new position."

Colorado_medium Wide receiver Nelson Spruce was called out by Embree for having a good scrimmage with two touchdown catches. Keenan Canty added another TD reception.

Colorado_medium Embree also specifically mentioned the play of Derrick Webb and Brady Daigh in the defensive side of the ball:

Webb, said Embree, is "starting to play like a man. He had a couple of huge hits (Thursday) - one on the goal line to keep the offense from scoring on fourth down. He's playing fast; he's always been able to run, but he hasn't always been able to play fast. His mind hasn't been freed up. He's always thinking . . . he seems to be using his speed a lot better than he has in the past because I don't think he's thinking as much. I've seen a lot of good stuff out of him."

In addition to singling out Webb at linebacker, Embree mentioned sophomore Brady Daigh: "We thought he was going to be a good player (last fall as a freshman) and he's picked up where he left off." . . . .

The linebacking unit is going to be interesting this year. With Major, Webb, Daigh and Washington all getting good reviews so far this March/April. It's never easy to separate the spin from fact this time of year, but a strong unit in the middle of the field could really tighten up the defense.

Colorado_medium Not much out there on the quarterback play or how the reps were divided, but Terrel Smith did record an interception off of Connor Wood. Sounds like the offense played really well outside of the turnover.

Colorado_medium The athletic department released some more details about next Saturday's spring game yesterday as well.

CU's annual spring game is this Saturday, April 14; the format at present, due to injuries on the defensive line, will be a standard offense versus defense scrimmage (1's vs. 1's, 2's vs. 2's, 1's vs. 2's, 3's vs. 3's, etc). There will likely be quarters, or at least halves; with the smaller roster and injuries, the team scrimmaged minimally this spring (three short sessions instead of extended ones).

This year's spring game will be the second in a row at night, and will start at 5:00 p.m. and take place at Folsom Field. There will be an alumni flag football game at 3:30, also on the stadium floor.