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The Ralphie Report Turns Four, Should We Invite Hawkins To The Birthday Celebration?

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Well, I missed it by a day, but I just realized that yesterday was the 4-year anniversary of The Ralphie Report. For those of you who are new, Bob and I launched this site over on blogspot four short years ago because we wanted to create a place where Buffs fans could come together and talk about Colorado every single day. While we have come a long, long way, we still have plans to make this the best possible community it can be.

For the most part, the results over these last four years have been pretty rough, but I for one am glad that we got to go through them together. On the football side we've had the suicide hotline thread, Hawkins fired and Embree hired. We've had huge wins over West Virginia (you must revisit the Bill Stewart post), Georgia and Utah and some awful, awful losses that I care not to rehash here.


On the basketball side we have been able to cover a program rising from the ashes (not literally, Hawkins...). We saw Alec Burks have a huge sophomore year before being drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft and we witnessed an epic journey through the Pac-12 Tournament and into the NCAA Tourney as Tad Boyle lifted the Buffaloes program out of obscurity.

Most importantly, we got to be there as Colorado took it's rightful place in the Pac-12 conference. Lifted from the plains and Texas of the Big 12 to the oceans, mountains and sun of the west, where the largest number of Colorado alumni reside.


We've been honored by the camaraderie from the Buffaloes media community, from AllBuffs, to BuffStampede, to Ben at Rumbling of a Deranged Buffalo and Stuart at CU at the Game (among many others) we feel we have been welcomed into a group of Buffaloes fans who want this school and athletic department to be the best in the country at everything it does. We hope that we can continue working together with those other sites in the future to cover the many successes at CU over the next decade.

Thanks to all of our writers here on the site for helping us keep the content coming and conversation flowing. Please let Ash, Bob, Tom, David, Parker and coming soon, Denny, know that you appreciate the insane hours that they put in writing stories.

Thanks to all of you from the TRR team for reading, commenting and correcting my numerous mistakes over the years. Without you, our little community wouldn't exist and I'm eternally grateful for all of your support. All we ask of you is your comments, feedback and ideas on how we could make this site better and better.

Here's to the next four years... GO BUFFS!