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Colorado Buffaloes Silence The Oregon Ducks 63-62, Advance To Semi-Finals

But who are you fighting?
But who are you fighting?

Colorado gave it all they had and it came down to the final minutes, but with a last second basket from Andre Roberson, the Buffaloes won 63-62. It was the toughest game the Buffaloes played all year, and Carlon Brown and Andre Roberson came up big and helped the Buffaloes to a victory. Carlon Brown led the team in scoring with 22 points. Overall, it was a great game for the Buffaloes and they will need to bring the same intensity to beat California tomorrow night.

Things the Buffaloes did well: The defense was spectacular all night and that last possession for Oregon summed up Colorado's defense the entire game. The Buffaloes had active hands, were in perfect help position, and never let up. The offense was patient for a majority of the game and the Buffaloes didn't let Oregon's defense dictate their offense. Additionally, Andre Roberson was a force again on the boards as he had 10 rebounds and added 12 points with that.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: Colorado allowed Oregon too many second chances, but there was nothing they could do, Oregon was just a bigger team. Also, the play down the stretch on offense was suspect, but they managed to get the win. Besides the second chances and the offense near the end of the game, it's hard to point out too many flaws for Colorado tonight.

Up Next: Colorado takes on California tomorrow night. As always, Colorado has a chance, and it is going to take the same performance that they had tonight to get the victory.