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Colorado Wins Sloppy Game, Beats Utah 53-41


Colorado's performance tonight wasn't its finest, but the Buffaloes hung on and won by a score of 53-41. Andre Roberson led the way with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Also, Carlon Brown had 15 points and Spencer Dinwiddie had 10 points. The defense held its own tonight and the offense finally came around to put the game away. Most importantly, Colorado got its 20th victory of the year and Tad Boyle got his 100th win.

Things the Buffaloes did well: Colorado's defense has been big all year long and it stepped up tonight. The Buffaloes forced turnovers all game; they made Utah turn it over 19 times and had 10 steals.They held Utah to inefficient play and difficult shots all game. Carlon Brown was effective tonight and he added some crucial baskets when Colorado couldn't score. Confidence is a major factor with Brown and after the game in Eugene, he seems like he has it back. He is attacking the rim more and taking out those fadeaway threes from his game. Andre Roberson is by far the best rebounder in the Pac-12. If he can just develop a consistent post-up game, he will be unstoppable next year. Without Colorado's defense, Brown, and Roberson, Colorado doesn't win.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: There was a stretch of more than 10 minutes of play tonight where the Buffaloes went scoreless. That cannot happen if the Buffaloes want to keep winning. Additionally, the Buffaloes, who rely heavily on the 3 point shot, posted a 1-11 mark from beyond the arc. Furthermore, the offense is too stagnant at times. Even though Boyle's offense for the most part consists of the players creating their own shots, the Buffaloes need to attack the rim more.

Up Next: The Buffaloes play the Oregon Ducks tomorrow night. I don't expect the Buffaloes to play even remotely close to how they played tonight. Boyle will have them more prepared and the defense will be just as good as it was tonight. The key to the game is that the Buffaloes must stop Devoe Joseph and Olu Ashaolu. If they can do that, and Carlon Brown plays his best, the Buffaloes will win.