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NCAA Tournament: Colorado Vs. Baylor - When Colorado Has The Ball

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Although Colorado's defense has been spectacular for a while, the Buffaloes' offense has been suspect at times. If the Buffaloes want to beat the Baylor Bears, the offense is going to have to step up. Tad Boyle has to stress efficiency and smart shots. Overall, if Colorado's offense plays like they did in the second half against UNLV, they won't win; but, if they have the same offensive game as they had throughout the Pac-12 Tournament, they could pull out another monumental upset.

Keys to Beat Baylor's Defense: Baylor has played more man defense than usual this season, yet, they typically play zone defense. Early in the year, Colorado struggled with zone defense, however, they improved tremendously as the year went on. As far as zone goes, Baylor tends to come out in a 1-3-1 style of zone. To beat Baylor's zone, Colorado must take advantage of the short corner and ball fake all game long. The Bears aren't a stubborn team; if the zone isn't working, they will bring out man defense. Ultimately, Colorado has to be smart, patient, and not turn the ball over.

Key Players- Carlon Brown- Once again, the senior with the best scoring ability on the team has to be the best player. He had 12 points on 10 shots against UNLV, but they were high percentage shots. His game has changed for the better, and he looks like a man on a mission. Brown must attack this zone and get his game going early, just like he did against UNLV. If he does that, he'll will the team to a victory.

Askia Booker- He had a great game off the bench against UNLV, and he has to do it again. Booker is the quickest guard on the team and quickness is crucial for beating a zone. His mid range jumper is his best shot when he is not driving into the lane, and the zone will give him that shot.

Bottom Line: This is Baylor. A team that realistically can beat Colorado in every area of the game. However, Colorado has no pressure on them. If they win, they continue to prove everyone wrong and they advance to the Sweet Sixteen. If they lose, everyone in Colorado is still pleased with what this team did this year and how much potential they have next year with their recruiting class coming in. Furthermore, this is March Madness. Anything can happen and if the Buffaloes believe they can win, they just might.