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Colorado Buffaloes Spring Practice Updates: 3/13

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I know we're all focused on our NCAA Tournament-bound men's basketball team (I'm still in shock and so darn excited!), but that's no reason to ignore the snippets of news we're getting out of spring football practice.

I'll try to put together all the little pieces of information I've heard and read here for you about what has gone on thus far.


Douglas Rippy is a guy that everyone is excited to get back after he was knocked out of 2011 with a knee injury. He's doing rehab and thinks that he's 75% recovered. He's been helping coach the linebackers in the mean time.

Malcolm Creer is also doing a little assistant coaching, which bodes well for his playing chances once he returns. He's also out for the spring.

Nate Bonsu and Jered Bell are doing some individual work this spring, but aren't quite cleared for team stuff and contact. But it sounds like they're close.

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Who they're talking about:

While we all want to see what Clay Norgard can do at fullback, don't count out the guy ahead of him on the depth chart: Alex Wood. He's been listed as a tight end in his time here, but I always thought he was more suited for fullback. He's shorter (only 6'2") and I've seen him generate solid pop. He will make sure that whoever plays fullback will have earned it.

Sherrard Harrington looks both fast and quick now that he's fully recovered from his hip injury. That's good news and he will help upgrade the defensive back position. There's a reason the coaches finally feel comfortable playing Parker Orms at safety, his more natural position. It sounds like we've finally got some other guys at CB that can play.

Kyle Washington is definitely practicing at linebacker in an attempt to help increase team speed. I could see him getting some snaps when we go to our nickel & dime packages. We have a lot of pass-happy teams on our schedule.

D.D. Goodson is back at running back and it sounds like he has a chance to contribute. He moved to DB last year as our numbers there dwindled, but they have him back at his preferred position.

Alex Kelley is definitely getting some looks along the offensive line, but is also still adjusting to the college game in his first practices.

It sounds like the next wideouts in line after Paul Richardson are Nelson Spruce, Tyler McCulloch and Keenan Canty. No surprises there, really, though I think the coaches are expecting something out of DaVaughn Thornton as well.