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Saturday CU Buff Bites - Colorado Beats Cal: Video Highlights And Twitter Clips

Highlights from the Colorado Buffaloes Pac-12 Tournament victory over Cal, and clips from Twitter on the Buffs victory.

There was a lot of activity last night after the buffs victory. For those of you who aren't on twitter, I'm clipping some of the more fun posts. For those of you who are on twitter, it's fun to read them again and relish in the victory.

We'll start with C-Unit, our official student cheering section. Mike Bohn totally paid for 50 of them to travel to L.A. for the tournament.


The twitters will break into your house and eat all the nachos...story at 5.

If I were a real news twitter-er, this is the kind of thing you'd get pre-game:


The C-Unit is the fan section of the 21st century: they will heckle you in every way possible



You know what happened next, they did hold on.


The normally quiet CU alum Chris Fowler weighed in as well:


And ESPN's started asking the question that we've all been asking for a week:




The Buffs-related twitter activity became so intense after the game, that it popped up on the top worldwide trends:

What other posts did y'all enjoy? This may be my favorite:


Sounds like a plan. Go Buffs!