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Colorado Wins Close Game, Beat Ducks 72-71

The Buffaloes were pushed to the brink tonight, but they still were able to win at the last second, 72-71. A questionable call called on Nate Tomlinson with the game tied and one second left gave the Buffs the margin they needed to get the win. While the foul could have gone either way, Tomlinson's effort to get to the bucket could not. Great play to win the game by Nate.

Foul trouble hurt the Buffaloes all game, yet other players stepped up and contributed to the Buffaloes' win. Askia Booker had another great game off the bench leading the way with 17 points. Also, Andre Roberson added 7 points, 11 rebounds and 7 blocks.Overall, the Buffaloes played well and overcame their mistakes leading to their victory.

Things the Buffaloes did well: There were some questionable calls from the referees, but the Buffaloes didn't let that affect their game. Askia Booker had another great game and whenever Colorado needs to beat a zone, he is always there cutting and attacking the zone. Spencer Dinwiddie added his usual points; a good thing about his game is that he never forces it. Carlon Brown had a rough game, but was key down the stretch. Additionally, the Buffaloes continue to get better attacking the zone and have become much more patient, which is a necessity for beating zone defense.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: Turnovers. The Buffaloes committed too many careless turnovers. No team can be perfect in the turnover aspect of the game, however, Colorado had too many sloppy turnovers. Also, the Buffaloes couldn't hit their open shots and they also didn't take the smartest shots either. They were a very uncharacteristic 5-18 from the three point line, but they were able to overcome it. Although Colorado played one of their better games, Oregon was right there every time to answer. Ultimately, the Buffaloes have to cut down on their turnovers and shoot better from beyond the arc and they will be able to keep this run up.

Up Next: Colorado takes on Arizona this Thursday in Arizona. The Buffaloes still need a signature road win if they want to make any type of postseason play. Beating Arizona would be huge for the Buffaloes and they will only do this if they limit their turnovers.